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Amazing, this is just too cool, I just tried it now with a mini dasani bottle and showed this trick to my dad.

The Best Trick Ever For Separating Eggs Video
9/3/12 10:49 AM

Never did that but if you roll out your dough thicker and freeze a few minutes before baking you won't have as much spread, plus yes if you need neat edges with a cookies with nooks and crannies along the edge you can't fit a micoplane in there you just cut it again with the cookie cutter right after they come out of the oven.

Make Prettier Cookie Edges When Presentation Matters

8/14/12 11:08 PM

Greek and Spanish for sure.
Spanakopita, Baklava, Tzatziki, Gyros, Souvlaki

Arroz con leche, Calamares, Paella, Empanada, Tapas

Not to mention cheeses from both countries.

What's Your Favorite European Cuisine? (Besides French & Italian!)
8/13/12 04:35 PM

The Carolina Roadhouse in Myrtle Beach, SC has a delicious House salad. Greens, Chopped egg, almonds, tomatoes, bacon, and ham. But the House Dressing is what is the best about this salad. Honey Mustard and Hot Bacon combination.

Is There a Restaurant Salad You Long to Recreate at Home?
7/9/12 12:49 AM

I have some silicone push pop things so I am totally going to try this I hope it tastes better than those yosicles.

The Easiest, Simplest Way to Make Frozen Yogurt Popsicles
5/29/12 04:58 AM

I am in love with ricotta cheese lighly sweetened and mixed with diced strawberries in little filo cups or topped with a blueberry or two a quick two bite dessert perfect for a party to.

What's Your Favorite No-Bake Dessert?
3/26/12 03:19 PM

I always have a Chamomile, Dried mint that I add to all teas as a loose tea, and a fancy fruity herbal loose tea. I also should add I turn most of my teas into iced tea by adding water to two big pots of stronger tea and when I'm ready to drink I have a homade blueberry symple syrup I add a bit to flavor and sweeten and I have a few days worth of liquid gold at least with the chamomile that is.

What Do You Keep in Your Tea Stash?

2/28/12 07:05 AM

I make a Kale and berry smoothie right now it just has kale that I washed and cut that has been frozen, I make it with Coconut water if I have it available and add a fresh banana, a cored apple skin and all, and frozen strawberries, depends on the taste of it but maybe half a pack of truvia to sweeten, best way to get veggies in right away in the morning.

Break Out the Blender: Smoothies Galore
2/3/12 06:38 PM

Dried Kiwi

What Can I Do With a Whole Lot of Kiwi?
Good Questions

12/14/11 05:03 PM

No this is Amazing!!!!! I do agree washing out pastry bags are a hassle but the really great use for this tip is the filling of the bags you have to stick it in a cup the fold over half of the bag then spoon in your icing the fold up the bag and push the icing down to the tip. Or if you don't do that you have a mess of trying to fill the bag with the icing and it can get everywhere. Plus you don't get icing overflowing the top of the bag.

Video: Use Plastic Wrap For Easier Icing Cleanup
11/8/11 01:46 PM

I use Silicone Push Pop molds to put ice cream mix in to freeze or I also make fruity pops to but yogurt mixed with a bit of mashed fresh fruit I bet would be great to. You just wash and reuse. I have something like these. http://www.cheftools.com/Norpro-Silicone-Ice-Pop-Makers-Set-of-4/productinfo/06-5419/

Breakfast To Go: Use a Vacuum Sealer for DIY Yogurt Pops
8/1/11 12:50 PM

I kinda agree I think we should get rid oh the twins, the salt and pepper shakers. We should all move to Sea salt or kosher salt in Cellars and Peppercorns in Pepper Grinders. Sea or Kosher salt tastes so much better and freshly crushed Pepper brings so much better flavor also. Also taking the steps to grind pepper slows you down and makes it less auto pilot to add both salt and pepper to your dishes. If you find you don't need the pepper you have slowed down enough to realize that.

Too Much Pepper! Why Is Black Pepper In Everything?
8/1/11 12:36 PM

I use a tomato shark and it works very quickly I just scoop around the hull and pull it out and it removes the stem and hull and my dog loves eating the little strawberry pieces attached to the stem to.

Does One Thing Very Well: Chef'n Strawberry Huller
5/25/11 02:47 AM

When Blueberry season comes I am going to try dipping them in chocolate but I may also try freezing them first then dipping them when they thaw out they may be like cherries how their is a lot of juice in them or it may just be too messy that way.

Creative Ideas for Chocolate-Dipped Fruit?
Good Questions

4/27/11 10:59 PM

Since it will be soon warming up around her all I want especially since I have allergies and sinus problems all I want are cool and creamy. I have some silicone push pop like molds and your basic Popsicle molds I would love some great Popsicle, creamsicle and other sorts of cold creamy goodness.

It's Dessert Week at The Kitchn!
3 Square Meals (and Dessert!)

4/27/11 10:44 PM

I have water diabeties so I drink alot of water throughout the day and I always have a glass or more of water during my meal. I also have a hard time swallowing things like pills and hard foods so I need that water to properly swallow my food. But if I have any soda during the day I often have it during dinner along with a water also.

Do You Drink with Your Meals?
4/15/11 06:18 PM

I have a good looking heirloom tomato, Boston Lettuce, Eggs, bacon from my butcher, and good bread. So I planning a Sandwich ala Spanglish style. But I never made anything other than scrambled eggs or a omelet. I never made a fried egg or anything and I never ate a runny egg yolk before but I am suddenly craving it but im afraid I won't like it.
Oh and I just made purple meringue cookies and I am planning to make a big batch of meat balls for meat ball subs and then freeze the rest for spaghetti and meatballs later this week.

What's Cooking This Weekend?
Weekend of April 9-10, 2011

4/10/11 01:39 AM

Mine is similar to JordanW but I use a George Foreman Grill it also drains away the grease so I can use it for eggs or save it for later. I close the lid and sometimes flip it. I have the smaller grill so I slice the bacon in half. Clean up is easy after I unplugged the grill and let it cool just a bit I wipe down the lid and grill with a dish rag that is moist after wringing out the hot water. I love that their is no splatter.

Survey: What's Your Favorite Method for Cooking Bacon?
4/7/11 03:05 PM

Right now with me really wanting spring to come so It wouuld be a fresh fruit salad with all types of fresh berries and tropical fruit and a crumb topped coffee cake. I don't like to cook in the morning so I would have to bake the cake in the pm and toss together the fruit I cut the night before, in the am.

Best Breakfast Ever: What's Your Dream Breakfast?
4/4/11 09:53 PM

You can always inject it with some tastier homemade icing any flavor instead of the tubs of frosting plus your own homemade cake recipe which you can make a extra moist cake. And saves the step of the mixing, rolling, and chilling. You can just bake, inject, insert stick and dunk in chocolate and freeze to chill. Anyway sometimes I don't like the prechewed texture. And doughnut holes and pancake puffs sound fun to.

A Gadget For Your Cake Pops: Babycakes Cake Pop Maker
3/25/11 12:40 AM