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John's Center Pond Camp, The Way He Recalls It
House Tour

4/26/11 10:56 AM

Great to see the final product, I followed your blog as the work was being done. Congrats!

Susan & Ryan's Less-Is-More Farmhouse
House Tour

2/10/11 02:14 PM

This site has some interesting stuff as well, might find some school chairs.

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1/28/09 01:13 PM

I read an article about these folks when I was up in Vermont last. They do some great work, albeit a bit controversial at times.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Inspiration: Barn House by BURO II
12/24/08 11:45 AM

All, thanks for the opinions. I have been lucky with my 1928 condo as I havent had too much of an issue with mold or mildew in the bathroom, think the window I am not too worried about the tile battling that. I do think I will go to the ceiling, will also remedy the blemishes to the plaster above the original tile (2 layers of it.) Demo tomorrow. Maybe send in some before and afters if anyone is interested. Thanks again for everyone's perspective.

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9/12/08 12:46 PM