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Have you thought about changing the iPad's language to French? I majored in French in college and whenever I'm feeling a bit rusty, I switch my Facebook and computer/device languages into French to keep me working. Just make sure you know how to set it back!

Does Your Child Use an E-Reader?
11/11/13 12:31 PM

Yay! Cleveland on AT! We're a Cleveland Heights family currently expecting as well and I am so excited to live in such a fun area for families with young kids.

A 'Cleveland Rocks' Nursery My Room
10/4/13 01:42 PM

Ha! This could have been posted by me: I'm a Sarah with a raw vegan father-in-law. This is a good starting place for general recipes:

For desserts, I've made a raw vegan fudge and it was delicious: I've also made an avocado chocolate fudge similar to this recipe, which came out very well:

Fresh Ideas for Raw, Vegan Recipes? Good Questions
4/29/13 09:28 AM

We're putting in 2 4x4 raised beds in our front yard to add to the 2 4x6 beds and various containers in the back yard. Our plan is to surround the beds with marigolds and intermingle beneficial plants with vegetables to keep it pretty. We've accepted that there might be some sharing with neighbors, which isn't a huge problem for us. We live in a neighborhood with several other houses with raised front yard beds.

Front Yard Vegetable Gardens Garden Inspiration
4/17/13 09:41 AM

I would imagine that as long as you kept the door open or removed the door the fire issue wouldn't be as much of a problem.

Honestly, as someone who works internationally, the notion that babies need or should be in a separate room is somewhat bizarre to me. My husband and I have space for a nursery but are planning on future babies spending their first year in a crib or co-sleeper in our (rather large) master, with the slide door closet set up as a changing area or possibly just adding another dresser with a changing pad next to a rocker by the side of our bed.

Creating Nurseries Out of Closets Renters Solutions
3/28/13 07:10 PM

As an anthropologist frequently faced with this dilemma, I've learned to generally eat a bit of anything (salt shark has been the most difficult to get through so far - think fish jerky), unless I have a serious allergy. Sometimes this has gotten me in trouble, including one pretty serious bout of traveler's diarrhea, but for the most part it's been fine. I do have a GI disorder I can fall back on if I'm asked to eat more than a few polite bites of anything that I find totally inedible or can't follow certain dietary traditions, such as fasting for Ramadan in the area where I work (I'm not Muslim, but some of my non-Muslim colleagues keep the fast when in-country).

Dinner Party Dilemma: What To Do When You're Served Something Unpalatable?
8/27/12 04:35 PM

MMMMM I love injera! One of my closest friends in my current city is Ethiopian-American and she always makes Ethiopian food for her weeks in a rotating weekly dinner club some friends and I have. Her weeks are almost always my favorite! (Though tonight is Polish food at another friend's house, which I'm pretty excited for).

Injera: Ethiopia's Traditional Bread in Pictures and Words
8/24/12 10:32 AM

We did this system for about a year, and all it did was mold and attract bugs and rodents. I suspect we weren't draining off liquid frequently enough. I recommend anyone considering this as a compost option do a bit more research than just the information the kit comes with.

Bokashi Composting for the Home
8/10/12 11:09 AM

My husband and I (also on cheap grad student budgets) have been rocking the cast iron one from Ikea (can't recall the name) for several years and it hasn't let us down yet. I think we spent around $20 on it. Sometimes I do wish it had a lid for capturing heat, though. Usually we just steal the lid off of our Lodge oven and use that to cover the food, which tends to work pretty well.

Recommendations for an Inexpensive Stovetop Grill Pan? Product & Shopping Questions
8/7/12 11:51 AM

So cute! I've been stalking this online for a revamp of my bedroom (now a guest bedroom) at my parent's house, as the current set is nearly 8 years old.

Win This Marimekko Bedding Set from FinnStyle!
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12/5/11 11:52 AM

Very timely! I'm about to head off to Kenya for a research project and have a 36 hour trip each way.

My essentials are:
- iPod with headphones
- glasses, because I can never get through a long flight without my contacts becoming painfully dry
- motion sickness prevention wristbands - I have to take a prescription to manage motion sickness enough to fly, and these help kick the last bit of nausea that the medicine doesn't quite get
- warm socks
- lip balm
- alcohol-based hand sanitizer (not Triclosan)
- scent-free lotion (thanks for the comment about scent sensitivities, Cambria!)

This trip I'm trying a water bottle with built in filter, as airport water always tastes icky to me. So far tests at home have resulted in water that tastes pretty much the same as the water from by Brita.

The Top 10 Things To Carry With You When You Fly
6/22/11 08:02 PM

I'd like to second ny2midmo's comment about potential food allergies/dietary restrictions. My fiancé and I frequently host for our group of friends, partially because we're both homebodies but still like to be social and partially because I have multiple dietary restrictions and don't want to burden others with what I can or can't eat. Personally, I would never think to count or think of things as being even or not.

Help! Compulsive Hosts Won't Let Us Invite Them Over
Advise the Etiquette Expert

5/13/11 01:29 PM

Mmmm, my fellow grad students and I are throwing a potluck, and together my boyfriend and I are bringing:
- the turkey (Pioneer Woman's brine, Alton Brown's cooking technique, with stuffing that is not homemade, sadly, and homemade gravy)
- homemade challah
- a spin on a Gujarati green beans with mustard seeds that is affectionately known in my family as beans and bugs
- cranberry pecan orange relish
- Pioneer Woman's maple cranberry sauce made with orange juice
- chocolate bourbon pecan pie

I'm very excited, especially as I just learned someone is making beer mac and cheese.

Thanksgiving 2010 Menu: What Are You Making?
11/24/10 07:22 PM

My host mother during the year I lived in France was Alsatian and imparted on me a love of flammenkueche and spaetzle.

Thanks to her, Trader Joe's frozen "tarte alsace" plus a nice green salad with dijon vinaigrette is my boyfriend and I's go-to easy dinner when we're both too tired to cook.

A Taste of Alsace-Lorraine: 8 Recipes to Try at Home
9/29/10 07:23 PM

OP here, thanks for all the wonderful suggestions! I'm not all veg, but it's great to have more options that aren't grain or meat heavy.

What Are Some Good Low-Carb Vegetarian Lunches?
Good Questions

8/25/10 02:36 PM

I have pretty severe food allergies to weird, random things (mainly shellfish and artificial food dyes), but other than that I'm pretty open to adventure, which has led to some interesting experiences, including raw scallops pre-allergy and a rather interesting experience with andouillette.

That being said, I draw the line at dangerous, such as uncooked produce in areas with questionable water, warm water fish in the Caribbean, usually brains, etc.

Vacation Etiquette: Trying (And Saying ‘No’ To) New Foods | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/20/10 12:11 AM

I'm a Southern girl with a severe allergy to Red 40 and have been searching for years for a good red velvet recipe. I'd heard that the recipes that incorporate beets tend to have a beet-y taste. Last summer, I boiled down beets for several hours to make a natural dye, and doubled the amount called for in the recipe. The cupcakes came out reddish brown, but nowhere near as bright red as ones died with artificial colors. I'll be excited to see how this plays out.

Kitchen Experiments: All-Natural Red Velvet Cupcakes | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/27/10 01:50 PM

Chocolate and Zucchini has a yogurt and apple cake made for her nephew on his first birthday:

It's not no sugar, but it's fairly low sugar. Her version is made with maple sugar, but she gives a modification that uses a smaller amount of maple syrup and more plain yogurt, so it would be an even lower sweetener content.

Ideas for a Sugar-Free Cake and Frosting? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
4/8/10 11:47 AM

I'm lactose intolerant, which is relatively, and easy to deal with as long as I avoid excessive cheese, milk and ice cream, except that I live in France and my boyfriend works in a gourmet ice cream shop. So, easy to deal with in general, kind of annoying in my personal situation.

I'm also sensitive to red food dye. It gives me migraines. I can pretty easily avoid it in my own cooking and while in Europe, but in the US it's pretty omnipresent. It's frustrating having to explain over and over again that I can't eat the cake that has raspberry filling because I don't know what's in it and having to ask restaurants if they use food dyes. I've only recently developed this allergy and have been shocked by the number of things unnecessarily dyed, like some brands of fruit yogurt, which should have enough color on its own.

Also, my brother has Asperger's and is sensitive to MSG, which makes his Asperger's more pronounced, and to dairy, which makes him go to sleep. The dairy is annoying because so many products have milk powder, etc, but it's the MSG that's the kicker. Many ingredients, such as malted barley and canned tomatoes, contain MSG, but MSG is not listed because it was added as a separate ingredient. My family pretty much had to completely overhaul our food consumption and start making everything from scratch, which was good health wise but difficult. However, it was totally worth it, because as a result of therapy and the change in diet, my brother no longer "tests" as having Asperger's.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Tell Us: Do You Have Food Allergies?
10/17/08 03:41 PM