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I have a recurring dream that I discover a new room in our condo. I first feel joy -- the room is big enough for parties and it is fully furnished! -- but that is replaced with fear as I explore the room and find it goes on and on...that it just keeps expanding and I can't reach the end of it. I begin wondering who is in there and if I can afford the maintenance.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Do You (Literally) Dream About a Bigger Apartment?
7/1/09 12:45 PM

rbn987 is right to call this a spurious correlation. This is just an example of an academic fishing through her data to find an angle that will draw attention to her study. The "weight gain" angle ensures the study will get publicity -- all so-called news about obesity gets publicity. It is a stunt. Maybe she wants more grant money.

Apartment Therapy DC | Women Who Rent Weigh Less Canwest News Service
6/22/09 05:13 PM

The correct phrase is "all intents and purposes."

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Working on a Rental Without Permission
12/4/08 06:33 PM

Why do you have advertisements that don't allow readers to see your actual editorial content?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Question: Grow an Herb Garden?Los Angeles
9/10/08 01:55 PM