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Saboabo!Yes I'm sure thats what your dates say when there in bed with you with their eyes closed. I didn't know you could you could experience such a feeling of bliss on a office mat for your cubical desk. Good luck with that! This company sells office products and mats for industrial kitchens and mats that they use in grocery stores...So if your into an industrial yoga practice that is the site for you. They also sell the janitorial equipment too! for your yoga clean up!
Please everyone got to the site just mentioned and have a good laugh I'm sure it will be on your list of favorites.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Yoga Mats by Rozzet
9/23/08 05:40 AM

I think people have gotten the buzz about rozzet. OK nice rugs.
enough already. Go do some yoga.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Yoga Mats by Rozzet
9/10/08 09:44 AM