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For people who look at a website called "apartment therapy" most of you are some really hypercritical, judgmental, and hateful people.
You're looking at a creation. Your fellow human being did this because of the love they get from creating art. You're not at the Smithsonian, you're not at an archaeological dig in the hills of South Dakota, you're not reading somebody's dissertation on phylogenetics.

I believe "Animals of North America" is the title. But maybe she SHOULD have said "Animals that you can currently find living in North American despite having originated in north Africa, southeast Asia, or eastern Europe."
Maybe I should be comforted by the fact that there are apparently so many highly educated home design browsers out there instead of repulsed at the new ways technology has allowed us to break each other down.

I like this. I'll take one.

North American Animals by Keiko BrodeurOn the Wall
8/23/12 06:34 PM

I think this is a beautiful print! I can't wait to get my hands on one. It will go with her other print, Birds of North America. Such lovely composition.

North American Animals by Keiko BrodeurOn the Wall
8/23/12 06:05 PM