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I've held back on commenting on other things, and have heard some pretty retarded comments but some of these people with their opinions should really get a life and stop living with their parents. Wow Greige you must have gotten out your mid century modern textile book from borders wow we are so impressed with all of your crock of bull about the derivatives of design and target. I want to party with you mister. Yes Greige there yoga rugs for people that have real jobs that enjoy the practice and who can afford them. Boy you must have a incredible home with all of your fine furnishing from walmart oops! so sorry target how could I mistake the two. Oh Greige did you know you can now get your groceries a target too! Go get a real education fool and stop pretending to have one.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Yoga Mats by Rozzet
9/9/08 08:17 PM