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Actually at a third look I realize that some of them are cool color palettes, but still light overall and mainly subdued colors.

Why They Work: 5 Peacefully Designed Bedrooms Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/16/14 07:23 AM

I think what they all have in common is a light, warm color palette that is not too bold, and lots of texture. The soft/fluffy textures are inviting in a bedroom and reminiscent of sleep, but they also need to be played off of the smooth textures.

Why They Work: 5 Peacefully Designed Bedrooms Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/16/14 07:20 AM

I've found that a microfiber cloth can generally remove dried-on grease from the stovetop (and other smooth surfaces) with just hot water. I only add dish detergent if it's really stubborn.

How To Clean a Greasy Stovetop With Just Soap and Water Cleaning Lessons from The Kitchn
3/7/14 12:09 PM

I just keep the current season's clothes in the middle of the closet and the easier-to-reach shelves, and the out of season clothes at the sides and the top shelf.

10 Solutions for Storing Off-Season Clothes Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/4/14 03:18 PM

I have found that removing soap scum from the shower door is much easier with a microfiber cloth. They also work for removing pretty much anything from any shiny surface, including grease off the stovetop. Usually I can get away with using just hot water with them.

How to Clean Your Shower and Keep it That Way: 5 Quick Tips
2/9/14 05:45 PM

Did anyone else scan the barcode? I was hoping it would point to where to buy it. :-P

Stick It! Black & Gray Decal Headboards
4/6/13 03:12 PM

*years, obviously

One Minute Tip: Get an Air Plant! Apartment Therapy Videos
3/31/13 02:44 PM

I have other houseplants that I've kept alive for ears, but I tried two of these in my apartment and they both died within months. One died almost immediately. I managed to keep the other limping along for most of the winter, but as soon as my AC came on it died too. The problem was partially that my apartment is the opposite of humid, and partly that the symptoms of "too much water" and "not enough water" were too similar for me to tell apart. Maybe someone more familiar with air plants could have kept them alive in my apartment, but it certainly wasn't easy.

One Minute Tip: Get an Air Plant! Apartment Therapy Videos
3/31/13 02:42 PM

Our rental bathroom has green tiles floor to ceiling with odd black and white accents, so there is no wall to paint as a contrast or anything. However, after reading this thread I am just glad that the ceiling, tub, toilet, and sink are all white and the floor is white and black. We also have a few badly patched and/or messily grouted areas on the tile, but it could be much worse.

Make It Work: Old School Tile in the Bath Renters Solutions
3/16/13 12:38 AM

My parents have a cat that I have been only very mildly allergic to for 10+ years. Last year I thought I had developed a much worse reaction (needed 2 allergy meds every day instead of none, and it still wasn't working). It turned out to be a mold problem in their basement! Now that they got the mold cleaned up (it only took 1 treatment), they still have the cat and I can visit for weeks with no allergy problems. Definitely get that checked by a professional because this mold wasn't something my parents or I would have recognized.

Giving Up Your Pets
3/4/13 03:51 PM

You missed the mistake that appears most often in photos on AT: "When the flag is displayed against a wall vertically or horizontally, its union (stars) should be at the top, to the flag's own right, and to the observer's left."

In particular, the flag is often hung backwards when it is hung vertically.

O Say Can You See: Etiquette for Displaying the American Flag
7/4/12 02:14 PM

I always see it as a camel too!

The Story of the Squiggle Logo
4/19/12 12:38 AM

I like the curtain over your bed. It makes the bed look like an inviting "nook" from the outside, and (hopefully) makes it a cozy space shut off from the rest of your apartment when you're "inside". I hope sleeping right next to all your school books isn't weird, though. I guess from the back they don't look as imposing.

Alyssa's Light & Views
4/11/11 10:06 PM

I agree with some previous commenters that it all depends on the kids (and adults) involved. I was one of those kids (around age 5+?) who enjoyed sitting at the adult table and listening, and I think my manners were appropriate. Also I didn't feel like I needed to be next to my parents at the adult table as long as I knew the people sitting near me.

That being said, I was okay with sitting at the kids table if the group of kids was interesting and of similar ages to me. I almost got stuck once or twice at a kids table when I was a teen and the rest of the kids were 6-ish, but my parents got me moved to the adult table at least once when that was about to happen (at someone else's house, obviously).

Yay or Nay? Setting a Kiddie Table at Holiday Dinners
11/15/10 06:36 PM

I used to think the tone of the emails was annoying too, until I listened to her online radio show. Then I realized that she's not trying to be condescending, or be your "mom", at all. They sound different when you read them with her voice and southern accent in your head, instead of your mom's voice! I still receive all the emails (filtered into a separate folder) and it is usually less than 10 per day now. I don't do all of the system but I do the parts that work for me. I think the best part of the system is the attitude. She teaches you that keeping your home is not a "chore" or work you have to do for a punishment, but a way of "blessing" your home and your family.

Fly Lady: Love It or Hate It?
9/29/10 07:54 PM

I always unplug almost everything. Another reason to do this is in case there is a thunderstorm while you're gone, you reduce the risk of having your things destroyed by a power surge. When I'm home, I unplug sensitive equipment when the storm arrives, but when I'll be away, I unplug them before leaving instead.

Do You Unplug While On Vacation?
9/19/10 09:56 PM

Even if everyone who used the #fail tag "hated" the brand, twitter users (and ones who use the #fail tag in particular) are hardly a representative sample of tech consumers.

What's the Most Hated-On Tech Brand?
8/14/10 05:29 PM

My dad used to tell us #1 about our home computer when we were kids. As far as I can tell it was because the quick-start guide said something like "Step 1: Press power button on CPU", "Step 2: Press power button on monitor", "Step 3: Turn on peripherals including speakers and printer". He also said they had to be powered down in a specific order. But, it is possible that something like what TheRealJefe mentioned was true about a computer he had used in the past at work, and he didn't know that with our newer computer at home it wouldn't matter.

@FightTheFuture: I'm under the impression that it is illegal, but it happens anyway due to lack of enforcement and because the legal power levels might result in more interference being audible in the primary vehicle.

The 7 Weirdest Home Tech Superstitions
8/14/10 05:27 PM

For a small space, I think a more portable (less heavy and rigid) first aid kit would be more appropriate. It seems like this one would be better for a general use first aid kit, if you have the space to stash another more portable one for grabbing and taking with you in an emergency.

Kikkerland First Aid Box Best Products | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/4/10 04:28 PM

Why is the last photo a dishwasher? Isn't this article about clothes-washers? Or do some of these wash both clothes and dishes? That would be both space-efficient and unhygienic.

5 Great Integrated Washer Dryers | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
4/6/10 11:13 PM