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Very lovely home and not what I'm used to for London. What is it with turquoise lamps these days? If this keeps up I might have to go expropriate the ones from my mother's basement guest room. :)

Antonia and Cinzia's Calming Casa in Notting Hill House Tour
11/22/13 11:03 PM

I fell completely in love with the Midsommar dishes in the 80s and bought a set. I still have them...most of them...and still love them to pieces. (true love lasts forever) Now, when I find a plate in a good condition at a thrift or vintage store I have to buy it. I know I can collect a bunch on Ebay but the thrill of the chance and the hunt is so much better. :)

What's Your Favorite \"Vintage\" IKEA Piece?
10/29/13 10:01 AM

Whew, got away with every one of those! Lol. Actually, always had my own style, always collected vintage or antiques, never bothered with what was being sold as the must have lamp/table/chair. Life is too short to allow fashion dictates to rule your life not to live with the things you love around you, don't you think? :)

Interior Design 101: 5 Rookie Mistakes You'll Never Make Again
10/22/13 11:27 PM

I love to make supper straight out of the garden. Fantastic and fresh! Here in England, where I usually spend summer, there is a great trend towards village stalls and honesty boxes by the roadside. Last week, driving thru Cote, I bought tomatoes, French beans and onions. In our village I got some handmade sausages from Graham the butcher, plus fresh basil from the garden. The absolute best supper...all locally grown/made/sourced for about £5. That’s what I love. Wrote about it here: When I get back to the West Coast, mid Sept, I'm looking forward to seeing what's left in the garden there.

A Coastal California Cooking Vacation
8/23/12 12:24 PM