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I grew up in a small farmhouse of under 500 sf but on more than 500 acres of land. The outdoor space is as important as the indoor space. Fresh air and safe(ish) places to explore make all the difference.

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5/6/09 08:55 PM

We have a lot of similar weatherboard homes in Canberra. I with the posts that suggest not changing the door. If you want to maximize potential future profit on selling your house then don't go too bright. Consider a colour such as a "disappearing" aubergine – it will make the green in your garden really pop. For a big impact, consider changing the awning so that it matches the corrugated iron and angle of the verandah roof – it would be inexpensive and make it harmonious.

Perhaps go to to see what colours similar houses have been painted (especially in O'Connor, ACT).
Good luck!

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4/27/09 10:24 PM

On a 1/4 acre block in the city of Canberra live a happy menagerie. There are Bubbles the bunny and his palace-mate Softy the guinea pig; Pretty Little Leaf and her baby Snowdrop the Brush-Tailed Possums (who live outside in a small disused shed); Sîan the elderly indoor Somali cat, Tabby the outdoors cat (he turned up and announced we were his people); and not to be forgotten the Magpies (8 of them) who knock on the door at 6am to demand their food.

The Possums, Bubbles and Softy take care of vegetable left-overs, the magpies take care of any meat or fish left-overs (and tend to the garden pests). The lucerne bedding and other leavings of the little pets enrich the garden beds. Green pets!

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9/9/08 03:37 PM