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This is brilliant! I'd paint the pins, maybe have them alternating in black and silver.

I'm heading out to the clothes line...

Apartment Therapy New York | Cheap Idea: Clothespin Chandelier Paris
10/3/08 07:26 AM

Wow I'm a bit surprised by people's comments. I agree that many of you may want to lighten up a little.

I dislike tiger skin displays as much as I dislike rude people. I know this is a place for comments, but crikey!

I always think people should be careful when pointing the finger at others....

Anyway Mary, your place looks like a museum. Fascinating and a reflection of you. Good on you!

Apartment Therapy DC | House Tour: Mary's Animal-Inspired HomeWashington, DC
10/3/08 01:24 AM

aaaaaaand back to the coffee table. It's definitely a winner. Items made out of recycled bits just keep getting cooler!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Before and After: Take a Guess!
10/2/08 04:27 AM

That composter could use a splash of colour. Ever thought of decorating it?

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9/9/08 11:08 AM