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How can you possibly be depressed with the best kind of dog in the world inside your home: long haired German Shephard!! OMG - beautiful!!!

5 Simple Ways to Make Your House Less Depressing
12/6/10 10:55 AM

I would get a nice couch and place that in front of the fireplace. Then two chairs (small sofa or accent) to put facing each other on each side of the fireplace. Top off with a rug underneith and a coffee table.

Desk can go between the bay window and the far left window (bedroom?) Bed can go against the wall/window in the bedroom area.

If you wanted to watch TV. I would do the same thing as above except only do the couch and one accent chair. Then place the TV, entertainment center on the opposite wall of the bay window.

Layout Ideas for My New Apartment? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
11/25/09 10:59 AM

The 'blanket' is actually a duvet cover at Anthropologie. It's not $350 - more like $200. I have the Queen, in the same color, Ivory, and I absolutely love it! The fabric is soft, the ruffles are beautiful and it even has fabric sewn into the corners to attach your duvet.

Highly recommend it.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Inspiration: Old and New
9/9/08 06:25 AM