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This is a great idea - I love the portability of this as well

The Can O' Beans Lunch: Avocado-Lime Black Beans
8/26/10 03:10 PM

Hi there, I'd recommend painting the shutters and garage doors, but how about introducing a fun color like an orange, which would also look cool with the green roof? Also, there are some really big blocks of white going on, including the windows that are over on the left side of the house. If your window shades are closed often, I'd suggest either painting the frames around those windows or using fabric on the inside that pops and allows those vertical frames to show through. That would also help draw the eye away from the garage area. Expand the sidewalk leading to the door so you could have some room for some cool chairs out front. Put a nice flower bed along the expanded sidewalk (perhaps using some cool grasses as perennials).

How Do We Modernize Our 60's Split Level? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/21/10 02:38 PM

This is by far THE coolest house tour I've seen yet. I love everything about this house, and I mean EVERYTHING. I found some inspiration in just about every photo, something I could take away and apply to my own little place or that I could recommend to friends/family at some point. And the fact that it is painted bright yellow just sealed the deal for me. Thank you so much for posting!! This is one I'll probably keep coming back to again and again. Bravo!

Apartment Therapy DC | Sara Pete's Eclectic Prop House House Tour
9/18/09 09:35 AM

Great post, and great recommendations from the rest of you on other places to check out.

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9/18/09 09:29 AM

What a happy kitchen to cook in. Congrats on a job well done!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | A Complete Colorful Kitchen Renovation...On a Budget Before After
9/18/09 09:20 AM

yes, yes, and yes. I heart yellow.

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9/11/09 06:11 PM


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9/3/09 10:40 AM

You may want to look into square foot gardening, might be a good option for a portion of your space. I think my roomie and I are going to try it out on the side of our building next year. We're probably going to hunt down some discarded bookshelves in the alleyway next spring and convert them to the container gardens for it. I wish we had as much space as you guys have - can't wait to see what you do with it. I like honey living's suggestion of a fire pit so you can enjoy it this fall!!

Apartment Therapy New York | Budget Gardening Tips for Concrete Backyard? Good Questions
9/3/09 10:38 AM

3. 2 everyday and 1 china. All from my Grandma.

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9/1/09 03:49 PM

Which restaurant is this?

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8/28/09 02:36 PM

I like bepsf's idea for the solarium. Don't know if I'd recommend a twin bed, why don't you get a double bed and put it on that 9'5" wall - I mean, what if you have somebody over :>) You'd have plenty of space along the 15' wall for your couch and to set up a little living area in that part of the room. You could always put up a track and long curtains around your bed for a little extra coziness. Check Craigslist for some fun finds (that's where I found my coffee table). Have fun living on your own - I had a studio for my first "on my own" place and really enjoyed it!

Apartment Therapy DC | Setting Up a First-time Solo Studio? Good Questions
8/28/09 10:55 AM

this is one of my favorites. Genius!

Apartment Therapy New York | Maximizing Space in a Little Loft Studio Dwell
8/27/09 10:41 AM

I've got a round metal coffee table in my place and it works really well. My living room is small so it's in reach of most of the seating.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Living Rooms Without a Coffee Table
8/26/09 05:11 PM

hmm, an additional thought is to turn the walk-in closet into a little crib room for your new baby (it looks big enough??), then put additional storage in your bedroom.

Apartment Therapy New York | Stephanie's Living Room : August Group Cure New York Design Meetup
8/26/09 11:46 AM

I've got a road bike for long rides/triathlon training and a hybrid I use for commuting. I've been toying with the idea of a third bike dedicated to winter commuting, but want to do a lot more research before taking that plunge.

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8/26/09 11:27 AM


Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Green Style: Jay Shafer's Epu
8/25/09 12:42 PM

I like the idea of a green. A sagey-green like others have suggested, but I also like the idea of a light, spring green. It would probably look very nice with the fireplace and woodwork as is. Congrats! Looks like a cool house. Please post pix as you move forward on projects!

Apartment Therapy New York | Color Complement for Oak Trim in Entryway? Good Questions
8/25/09 12:31 PM

Hi there. I agree with home body. You could do the following:
1) Put one desk in the space with where the bookcases currently are (where you proposed your tv to go). You can put a curtain with fun fabric over the front of it to hide it at night.
2) Put another desk over in the upper left hand corner of the room, where you've proposed putting the dining table. Perhaps the desk can serve multiple functions - desk by day, buffet by night.
3) The rest is kind of hard to explain with just words. I kind of played around with a layout and have an image I could share with you of a quick and dirty proposed floor plan. I posted it on flicker for you.

Good luck!

Apartment Therapy New York | Stephanie's Living Room : August Group Cure New York Design Meetup
8/25/09 12:11 PM

Hi there. Welcome to the bike commuter world!! Here are my thoughts.

Get a rear carrier rack and use fabric panniers. I've got these and I love them. I like them cuz I can bring them straight into the store and fill 'em up. They also are easy to store when not using them.

I used to have the metal grocery cages but they (and the rear rack) were stolen. I hope whoever took them is actually using them.

Bungee cords are always helpful. I leave a couple on my bike just in case.

Gonna echo the anti-front basket. Try to keep extra weight on the back of the bike. Less chance of biffing it.

Also gonna echo switching out cage/clip pedals for platforms. I've got cages and strained a foot tendon during a fall the other week cuz I couldn't get out of them fast enough. I don't really need cages for urban biking so I'll be switching mine out.

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8/21/09 03:30 PM


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