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You've done a brilliant job. The property has a real sense of 'home' to it. The shower curtain is perfect - just ties the blue sanitary ware together in such a lovely way.

Whitney's Traditional Meets Glamour Austin Apartment House Tour
6/30/14 03:11 PM

I read your description before I looked at the photos. It was brilliant and made me want to see more. Enjoy your happy home and good luck with your writing pursuits - you've got what it takes!

Nana's Things That Make Her Smile Small Cool Contest
5/30/14 06:16 PM

For those of us with pets, they do make our apartments a home. Feel the love!

Just for Fun: Purrrfect Pets
5/27/14 11:15 AM

Great job guys - what a lovely haven of a home. A real tonic and respite from MCM.

Nick & Spiro's City Farmhouse House Tour
4/29/14 04:33 PM

What a fantastic transformation! Seeing the 'before' I couldn't imagine it ever ending up looking this great - the floor was an inspired choice - top job.

Kitchen Before & After: A Bland, Bare Brooklyn Kitchen Gets Some Personality Reader Kitchen Remodel
2/26/14 01:58 PM

Great job. - looks terrific and would be SO useful in a skinny hallway.

Before & After: Chest Goes On A Strict Diet
1/30/14 02:23 PM

Beautiful job guys! Truly lovely.

Sabreen & Terrence's Industrial Modern Loft House Tour
11/10/13 03:55 PM

There are quite a few studies on toys and gender. Again dark colours tend to be associated with boys. I saw one interesting study done where traditionally gendered toys were deliberately given non-traditional treatment eg a toy gun was hot pink with lace on it and a hairbrush set was black gloss with red stars. Children were then asked if these items were 'girls' toys or 'boy's' toys. Consistently the children in the study determined the 'gender' of the toy by its colour. Not sure if this is learned at an early age or hardwired, but it makes you wonder.

His and Hers: Analyzing \"Masculine\" and \"Feminine\" Decor
10/6/13 12:38 PM

The mirror was yet another lucky find on eBay. We got the Alaskan prints from a tourist shop there, however I think you can also get them from We had mounting board card cut to size and then framed them using Ikea frames.

Romany's Former Police Station Home House Call
9/6/13 06:54 PM

The fireplace is a genuine old art deco one, but wasn't in the apartment. There used to be an electric wall panel heater in that spot. We were very lucky that the building manager let us cut a small hole out of the wall to sit the grate in. We then put a little ethanol burner in the fireplace and it works a treat - no need for a flue or any ducting.

Romany's Former Police Station Home House Call
9/5/13 10:33 PM

Thanks so much for the kind comments. Our 'deco dog' Ted certainly loves that chair too - we don't often get to have a turn in it!
The dark wall color is by the the Australian paint company Porter's Paints and is called 'jaguar'.

Romany's Former Police Station Home House Call
9/5/13 07:32 PM

A refreshing change from the regular stock standard realtor offices I've seen. Nice work!

The Office of ACME Real Estate Workspace Tour
6/24/13 04:08 PM

I oscillate between being really neat and tidy and letting things get a bit out of control. However when you live in a really small place, the difference may be just leaving a pile of stuff on the table. I find the best way to stay on top of everything is to make it a constant, but low key thing. If you leave it to accumulate, it becomes a chore. If you tackle stuff straight away its just dealt with. Also, there are plenty of micro moments - waiting for the kettle to boil (a quick wash up), an ad break (put some stuff away) etc. It sounds a bit dull, but how much nicer is it to be in a clean, tidy place, with no massive clean up taking up a valuable chunk of time on the weekend? Making mess and dirt is just part of daily life, in my view, cleaning it up is best tackled the same way.

Dirty Little Secrets of Tidy Families
6/18/13 09:44 PM

I have put a second hand cow hide in my apartment. It is at least 20 years old and I figured the animal would have died already by now by natural causes if it hadn't been slaughtered earlier. I can live with that, but wouldn't feel so comfortable getting one from somewhere It had been cruelly treated, or if it had been bred purely for its hide (which this one wasn't).

Five Controversial Decor Items (And Why You May Want Them)
6/9/13 08:52 PM

Great job Brian@NotQuiteaTearDown. Looks great! I think we'll do something similar. Thanks for the pointers.

Can I DIY a Kitchen Island? Wilsonart Wednesday
6/6/13 04:52 PM

Great job! Visually compelling and cohesive.

Heather's All Her Own Small Cool Contest
5/24/13 07:42 AM

Great job! Definitely has the cool factor.

Carly's Converted Warehouse Small Cool Contest
5/17/13 02:59 PM

Another (probably obvious) thing is mirrors. These can effectively double the sense of space. If placed opposite a window, they can also nearly double the light. Our kitchen is opposite our (west facing) windows and we're planning to replace the tiled splash back with mirror. This will reflect daylight and also be particularly pretty at sunset!

10 No-Fail Decor Tricks & Tips for
Small Spaces

5/16/13 03:50 PM

You guys have truly injected real warmth and soul to this apartment, creating a real gem that is personal and fun. Well done!

Stephen & Robert’s Stylish Bed Stuy Pad House Tour
5/9/13 02:33 PM

Oh that magnificent toaster! I just love this tour - the glamorous elegance of the art deco pieces, the serene cool uncluttered feel. It is a real pleasure to see a property that acknowledges its history with such dignity.

Frank's Depression-Era Modern Home in Franklin Hills House Tour
4/5/13 12:51 AM