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I like the dining room - very nicely put together, and your bold color choices.
I don't like the thematic styling of the bedrooms and staging throughout though.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #34 Mallory's Budget Bold
10/20/08 08:11 AM

I think for those in need of it, it's okay.
I'm surprised by the amount of people it's said to accommodate --- to sleep 4-6 people?! NO WAY! 6 people (even 2 parents and 4 children) could not comfortably share that space! Not as designed anyway. If you removed the bunk beds and had hinged beds that could be folded into the wall to free up the floor space I could see it working. To be practical, all of the walls should be lined with shelves for stuff. Even if each person is necessarily a minimalist, the renderings show no storage - even in the kitchen. The most important feature missing are windows. A windowless small place for 4-6 people would be unhealthy and morally depressing. Moreover, you would want lots of outdoor recreation space. This space would be ideal for short term stints but not as a home.

Apartment Therapy New York | Shipping Container Homes by PFNC Global Communities
10/4/08 12:28 PM

It's like an interior decorator's interpretation of Bubblicious as a room design!

i'm almost 40 and when I was around ten, rollerskating in NYC was hot - the Roxy was the place to go for it... Studio54 was the 'in' spot for the adults and the Bronx was nationally infamous for its crime. Sat Night Fever was big and we sang along to the BeeGee's and Gloria Gaynor - I had a blue satin jacket (a la the 'pink ladies') with rollerskates sewn into the back and your pillows and the 80's pink and gray combo brought me right back to my bubble writing and puff sticker album years - thanks!

Apartment Therapy New York | Roomark: Vegasoleil 9.30.08
9/30/08 06:05 PM

Thanks for posting - I love it!
great mid cent pieces mixed very smartly mixed with contemporaries like the sofa. the colors are great, nice blues & greens -keeping the colors on the cool side creates a soothing and spatious feel- smart in a small place - nice poster choices - the pink and red give just the right splash of color. Love the built in bookcase and the floating ones. Your home is so inviting and warm too - I feel like I'm looking at a first home of two phd students. Smart, comfortable, intelligent, sophisticated but not pretentious. Striving for this in my own home. Love it!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Tour: Greg and Laura's Space Maximizing BungalowAustin
9/28/08 01:11 PM

The dining area, wall unit (so terrific!) and table and chairs and print all work together SO very well. I take inspiration from it. Like the yellow counter in the kitchen, too. This area is clean, warm and super functional - I bet the flow is just perfect at that table.

But the EIK is a different experience to look at.
The wallpaper is too strong and a poor match for the streamlined brown cushions and honey wood in the eik. Particularly bad with the white plastic cubicle table and stark white pendant lamp. I don't like the pillow pattern against the pink wallpaper either - kind of trying to mix rococo and minimalism. same deal on the deck with the orange fabric...good spaces, maybe even okay colors but wrong combinations and patterns. Sorry. But you've got fantastic foundations there.

The bedroom is cute but you haven't infused it with any personality yet - surprising after the rest of the place.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Call: Megan and Peter's Elysian Dream
9/28/08 08:14 AM

NICE! cool basement!
so light and airy for a basement!
where is the bed from?
your bedside lamp is perfect.

Apartment Therapy New York | Roomark: Tiffany 9.12.08
9/15/08 06:14 AM

Great editing, great design and great taste. Thanks for sharing pics of your amazing home and family and for sharing the resources.

Apartment Therapy New York | Inside Out: Max and Sara Kate's Small Really is Cool!
9/14/08 08:01 PM

We have an upright Kenmore - the cord on it split some time ago so my husband scraped the old rubber off and cut the wires and put an extension cord in its place (scared me initially, but it works...) It is super heavy to carry up and down the stairs and we have these really great and pretty old wide pine floor boards with 1/4" gaps between them so with three kids, we vacuum a lot (sweeping only pushed the crumbs into the gaps - whole bunch of silly stories about our floorboard gaps...) Anyway, I would be SO grateful to be the recipient in this giveaway since Dyson vacuums are, for us, expensive!
Anyway, how cool is this? AT is my favorite thing to look up other than my email online so with a giveaway it's like a good glass of wine presented with cheesecake.

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: DC-21 Dyson Stowaway Vacuum
9/14/08 07:03 PM