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saw it on the house tour. it's orange.

Hoboken Family Condo by Derk Garlick Architects
Professional Project

2/14/11 01:48 PM

Would this work for front loaders as well?

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2/10/10 11:30 AM

I'd skip the backsplash. I didn't put one in and haven't had any issues over the last 2 years. Simply wipe down splashes after cooking and use magic eraser for stubborn oil sprinkles. I cook regularly, am a slight clutz, and cook ethnic foods that tend to stain, so can speak to the relative lack of maintenance of a simple painted wall.

I didn't put up a backsplash b/c I wanted the flexibility to change color schemes on a whim.

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2/10/10 10:53 AM

i think the rug's from anthropologie

A Portland Reno by Paul McKean Architecture | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
12/15/09 06:26 PM

mmhh chili weather's here

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9/26/08 06:20 PM

stayed at red tree house. first b&b experiance. it rocked.

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9/6/08 06:45 AM