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I really just did this today. I mean, I'm only moving about 5 minutes away but it just felt so *necessary*.

Moving Minutiae: Sorting My Pens
6/4/13 02:40 AM

Find out if the potential roommate is one of your siblings. If the answer is yes, run the other way. It's awful people, completely and fully awful.

10 Topics to Discuss With a Potential Roommate
8/25/10 12:36 PM

I occasionally work night shifts and having the fan run is essential to sleeping during the day. Now I need it everywhere, which really sucks in my grandparents unheated upstairs bedroom (I'm in Canada). But it must be done!

Round Up: White Noise Machines For a Peaceful Night's Sleep | Apartment Therapy DC
1/8/10 11:30 PM

We didn't have a no shoes rule in my house growing up, because it was just assumed that shoes weren't worn in the house (atlantic canada).

I can't imagine having to keep my shoes on in someone's house! It's uncomfortable - my shoes and socks are off as soon as I'm in my door, but if I'm visiting I'll deal with the socks staying on... :)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Benefits of Leaving Your Shoes At The Door
10/28/09 02:11 AM

Looks incredibly comfy. Reminds of the the jack shirts my grandfather wears...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Filson Mackinaw Blanket
10/23/09 04:37 PM

Interesting... I'm Canadian, and always thought chesterfield was just another word for couch, not a specific style. But I definitely don't say "eh" :)

Apartment Therapy New York | Unsolved Mystery: The Obscure Origins of the Chesterfield Retrospect
10/22/09 01:35 PM

Biggest issue I had in moving was not canceling my utilities in time (including internet and cable) and I ended up paying more than necessary... the sooner the better!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Roundup: Moving Checklists
8/5/09 07:47 PM

I did something similar with a teak coffee table. Where I am though, apparently the humidity is so high that any paper can get stuck...

One suggestion was to leave baby oil on it over night. Should wipe away the next day.

Apartment Therapy Boston | How To: Remove Desktop Wood Stain?
7/29/09 05:03 PM

While I may not plan on having this furniture for 10-20 years, I definitely expect it to last that long. I really don't see the point in ever buying something new (other than mattresses).

At this point in my life I'd rather have furniture that I enjoy but am not overly attached to, so I can sell it/gift it should the opportunity to move on arise.

Just after buying a new living room set I heard my uncle say that it should "last them the duration'... seems kind of definitive to me?

Apartment Therapy New York | Survey: What's Your Furniture Life-Expectancy?
7/24/09 08:37 PM

Maybe you could foster one for a little while to see if it's something you'd want on a permanent basis?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Will a Bunny and My House-Pride Clash? Good Questions
7/23/09 04:15 PM

I could definitely do it for a month or two, but the canadian winters would likely win in the end...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Living in a Yurt
7/16/09 08:13 PM

There are rules??

That seems weird to me... Where I live you stay as long as you want and eat as much as you need. When it comes to family they always, without fail try to get me to stay longer. Must be a cultural thing?

Expecting someone to leave within a predetermined amount of time seems as rude to me as someone keeping their shoes on in my house. I guess my part of the world is a tad different than others?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Rule for Guests: How many? How Long?
7/14/09 07:02 PM

Great stuff. My rule of thumb is to look for the things you can't find on google. On my first trip overseas I went a little overboard on the landscape shots and missed a lot of what I was actually doing and the people I was with - that's the important stuff.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How To: Take Better Travel Photographs
7/10/09 03:14 PM

So true! I left some watermelon on the counter for a weekend away recently and the smell that greeted me was completely repugnant!!! Fortunately the fruit flies aren't out yet...

Apartment Therapy DC | The Vacation Checklist for Your Home
6/22/09 03:34 PM

Have you been to Cape Breton Angus?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Canada House by Douglas Coupland
5/15/09 11:23 PM

I work a mix of night and day shifts, so my sleep comes at varying times. I have to have a clock visible or else I'll drive myself batty trying to guess what time it is, i.e. "did I go to sleep when it was dark or light??"

When I have to get up for a day shift, I sleep best when I get everything ready the night before - clothes laid out, lunch ready, purse and keys by the door. I'm not a morning person so the more I do ahead of time, the better I can rest.

There are all kinds of things shift workers can do to deal with a wacky sleep schedule, I love these suggestions too :)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Best Bedroom Habits To Start In The New Year
1/6/09 12:11 AM

Given the price of admission, I have no problems with some slower days, everyone deserves a break and I don't imagine there's too much happening in the design world this time of year anyway.

Having just discovered MCM I'm perfectly ok with it staying around a while. My town tends to be 3-5 (at least) years behind the trends anyway, so I should be alright.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What's In, What's Out: Predictions for 2009 submit your own...
1/3/09 07:02 PM

Unless you have a relationship with your neighbours, there's not a whole heck of a lot you can do. I've thankfully never been in an abusive relationship, but I think that hearing my options from a stranger would cause me to go on the defensive.

The law isn't as tough as we want it to be, but it's what we have to go on. At the very least you're creating a paper trail when you call the police, and that sets up a history for when she does decide to leave or press charges.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Problematic Neighbors
12/16/08 03:55 AM

I love this, actually, but for purely nostalgic reasons. An elderly couple I used to know had little miniatures hidden around their home and property, it added a sense of "whimsy" without being overbearing or taking up too much space... and we loved it.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Decorating With Miniature Animal Figurines
12/12/08 12:52 AM

My photo set:


I'm happy with what I accomplished this fall. I've got some direction for the future, so I know what I'm looking for and working towards. It's great!

Apartment Therapy New York | Eastern Fall Cure: Graduation
12/10/08 07:26 PM