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@mchin - Thank you! I have several jade plants, and I like them in part because my cat doesn't like them and stays away from where they are. He doesn't try to nibble, but if it's a matter of just being in the same space as them affecting him, I'd get rid of them.

Common House Plants that are Toxic to Pets

1/28/11 02:25 PM

Is the depression just based on exposure, or does that occur only after ingestion?

Common House Plants that are Toxic to Pets

1/27/11 02:43 PM

All the future holiday gifts I could sew!

Win this DC2010 Sewing Machine from Janome! Holiday Giveaway 2009 | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
12/2/09 01:41 PM

Ooooh - great to keep everything organized.

Win this Home Base from Belkin International, Inc. Holiday Giveaway 2009 | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
12/2/09 01:40 PM

The house is fine...I'm sure they'll destroy it. Not looking forward to having this trainwreck of a tv show in my city. DC feels a lot smaller than it is - going to have to avoid places they go. Here's to hoping they discover Georgetown, fall in love, and only hang out there.

Apartment Therapy DC | Hot or Not? MTV's "The Real World" DC House
6/11/09 10:41 AM

This is also a very old, historic neighborhood. There are often patriotic or historic celebrations in the area, as many of the buildings go back 200 years...sometimes more. I, too, don't think this is really a question of "hot or not" - rather, it's appropriate for a community like this to maintain classic paint colors, and I think it's great that they celebrate Memorial Day with flags.

Apartment Therapy DC | Hot or Not? Patriotic Row House Exteriors Old Town Alexandria, Virginia
5/26/09 05:12 PM

I have a brass plated one like in the first picture that I received from an aunt after my grandmother died. It came with a little spoon - I believe it was used as a salt dip.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Vintage Apple Canisters from Etsy
3/31/09 03:44 PM

Thanks, grizzarkhov. I'm going to try a few different things this weekend, and hopefully have good results to share!

Apartment Therapy DC | Open Thread 10 Washington, DC
2/6/09 10:18 AM

I am stripping the varnish from a rocking chair and refinishing it. I've also sewn a new cushion for it and matching throw pillows for the couch.

My problem is this: I've stripped most of the varnish off, but can't seem to get off the gunk on the spindles (I guess that's what you'd call them - basically, the back of the rocking chair - long tapered dowels). Is there a tool that anyone would recommend for this? I've got a plastic scraper, and that's worked very well on most of the chair. I'm using Citrusstrip, and would recommend it.

Apartment Therapy DC | Open Thread 10 Washington, DC
2/4/09 12:57 PM

Many things come in inflatable forms. I have an inflatable Cheeseburger in Paradise (I couldn't escape Jimmy Buffett growing up) that I'd give for the cause. It would also help me in the clearing-clutter resolution. :)

Apartment Therapy New York | The Garden Gnome Replacement Project
1/8/09 10:24 AM

Leave it as it is - such beautiful wood! But maybe a pretty green for the trim/eaves?

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: What Color Should I Paint My House?
11/25/08 11:03 AM

I kind of like a rich midnight blue (or a little lighter) on the walls, keeping the cabinets and trim bright white.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Wall Color for Our Kitchen?
9/9/08 01:09 PM

I did not make ice cream in the last month. But in June, I made some delicious almond-vanilla ice cream in one of those great ice cream balls! It was a fun beach activity.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Thursday Giveaway: The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz
9/4/08 05:24 PM