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We always quarantine our guest room, thoroughly cleaned and with freshly washed sheets, before they arrive. If our guest has allergies, we'll quarantine for several days with an air purifier running. As a matter of course for my husband's allergies, we keep the rest of the house cleaned and the cats bathed every two weeks. We also have lint rollers stashed all over the house, including on hand in the guest room.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Advice on Guests Pets
9/7/08 12:18 PM

Our cats sleep on the bed some of the time. When they pass and we adopt again, we will have to outlaw it to help my husband's allergies but we can't bear to deny them now that they've been doing it already for years. Especially since one likes to share my pillow and fall asleep nuzzling in my hair. Yes, it does have it's drawbacks (occasional paw in the face and hair pulling to name a couple) so before you say, ew gross, they get bathed twice a month and I bathe every morning. And frankly, it's hard to say no when you're on the receiving end of that much adorable affection.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Survey: Do Your Pets Sleep In Your Bed With You?
9/4/08 08:48 AM

My husband is allergic but we have two cats. They get baths twice a month and their claws are clipped. Plus, he adapts to cats once he's around them for a while. With a bit of time his resistance levels goes up for specific cats. He can pick up and cuddle with our cats but he would never touch another cat without immediately washing his hands. He still feels the allergies a little at times but he wholeheartedly says it's worth it.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Can you have a pet if you’re allergic? Melbourne
9/4/08 08:39 AM