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I wouldn't try to hang it. I like the look of it leaning against the wall. How about a low side table with modern lines and lean the wheel as it is now but up on the new table? You could more easily secure it that way rather than trying to hold the whole weight.

How To Hang a Heavy Antique Wheel on Brick Wall?
Good Questions

9/2/10 02:43 PM

Because paper curls with age/humidity, I would try and find glass floating frames to sandwich the paper artwork between.


Apartment Therapy New York | Hanging Delicate Cut Paper Artwork? Good Questions
9/1/09 09:24 AM

I will definitely visit this place next time I am in Austin. What a great find!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Local Art Resource: Austin Art Garage! Austin
8/26/09 11:09 AM

I hear your pain. My husband also grew up in some kind of magic self-cleaning house. He just doesn't see things as untidy. I am not a clean freak by any means, but he is the school of thought that if it is not out, he will not remember it. The saying makes me cringe a little bit.

But we are getting better, I followed flylady.net and did her daily chores. But every saturday we both have 'Home Happy Hour' and we clean every room that is lived in. We change the sheets, sweep the patio, clean the kitchen. I list those chores out for him and I, and he has come around to accepting it. Although he hates it, and tells me every week.

My 15 minutes or so of daily cleaning, and the overall cleaning during home happy hour (takes more than an hour) keeps the place company ready. Although it's not perfect, and I am learning (slowly) not to nag when he doesn't clean to my standards. Cleaning is cleaning, and any little bit helps.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Chore Charts and the Equitable Household
7/29/09 05:22 PM

9 Months out of the year, Houston is a wonderful place to live. Mild winters, and the 3 months of Spring and Fall are spectacular.

However the summer here requires all the shutters/blinds shut and only artificial lighting. Otherwise our AC has to work overtime, and the energy bill goes through the roof.

The rest of the year, I let the sunlight in. This time of year I live in a dark little coffin (unless company is coming over of course).

Apartment Therapy Boston | Survey: Do You Place Furniture for Optimal Sun Rays?
7/2/09 11:23 AM

I concur, I love it already. I would do very little except for changing out the light fixture with a Modern or Retro one. And an Area Rug.

What ever you do... do not change those fabulous countertops!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Ideas for Updating Family Room/Kitchen
6/24/09 04:00 PM

Maybe use a picture / shelf below the 'chair' rail, and lean artwork collections against the wall covering the rail as necessary.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: How To Decorate Around Chair Rail?
6/23/09 04:09 PM

While I appreciate the room for the mouse. Is this not essentially a $69 board? I think a trip to the home depot could yield similar results for less than $10.00. Perhaps it's the inner cheapskate in me.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | LapBoard Keeps Computing Laps Cool
6/9/09 03:06 PM

I recommend Paperback swap.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Roundup: Online Book Swapping Services
5/28/09 02:43 PM

I clean for an hour on Saturdays, and 15 minutes each day (flylady). Daily I do not change, but on the Saturday hour of cleaning, I wear slippers and a hair scarf. Kick the slippers off when I get into the shower to clean it.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Survey: Do You Dress the Part When Cleaning House?
5/8/09 04:02 PM

I have a similar quirk. I don't cook much, but have limited space... 2 cupboards in my kitchen are use to store office supplies.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Home Quirks or Yes, I Keep Sweaters In the Freezer
5/7/09 03:36 PM

Does anyon know where to find that bedspread? Love!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Orange & Green Apartment Melbourne
1/29/09 12:18 PM

I love the sofa's and agree with the fluffy rug.

Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: Incorporating New Contemporary Furniture?
1/20/09 12:21 PM

I clena my bathroom counters while I am brushing my teeth

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11/3/08 04:35 AM

I'm entering

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10/23/08 11:25 AM

I keep mine under the bed.

Apartment Therapy DC | Small Space Solutions: The Ironing Board Dilemma
10/8/08 08:33 AM

The problem with putting a rug on carpet is that the natural nap in the rug and the nap in the carpet work against each other. Make bumps like you wouldn't believe (even if no one walks on it). Furniture on top of the rug makes it worse.

The only thing I have been able to do is use a “carpet to rug” rug pad. A "Universal - for all floor types" rug pad does not work. The only one I found was from Target online. It is like the sticky part of a post-it note all over both sides of the rug pad.

These work wonders, but lose their effectiveness every six months or so, and you have to replace it.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Rugs on Carpet?
10/1/08 06:53 AM

I also use Feliway. My cat is very very anxious and has a tendancy to 'mark' our couch.

He is much better now that I have the room diffuser, and I often find him laying on his back on the couch. Like he is 'friends' with the couch now.

I still live in constant fear that he will mark again, so I am making sure to keep his box clean, water and food full, making sure he is happy. I am pretty sure Feliway has helped, but I don't want to risk finding out by not using it.

I find the best prices are on Amazon.com

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Feliway by Comfort Zone
9/4/08 07:24 AM

I live in a condo in the city, when we first got a puppy, we bought this Petapotty pictured. We couldn't exactly take a puppy that needs to go... down the elevator. She just couldn't hold it.

Anyway, the premise of these it that the dog pees and you 'water' the area. This dilutes the urine and pours into a tray beneath.

The problem we ran into... when it came time to empty the tray (picture yourself trying to move a cookie tray filled with pee-water), you would often experience a Pee tidal-wave.
After a few spills and many frustrations, we found a company that had an ingenious system where the liquid funnels into a catch pan that can be easily emptied daily.

Ours is a http://www.cosmopolitancanine.com/ and it has worked wonders. Anyway... I thought I would share my story.

And I certainly hope that no one is offended by gratuitous use of the verb and noun 'pee'.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | PetAPotty: A Portable Piece of Lawn?
9/3/08 01:52 PM