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Interesting! I'm from Canada (west coast), but I took this quiz because other Canadians often ask where my accent is from. It placed me in Boston… which is where my family on both sides lived for a few centuries before immigrating to Canada.

Take This (Amazing!) Quiz: Predicts Where You Come From Based on Dialect New York Times
1/14/14 04:09 PM

$1000 for a metal bed?! I have the LILLESAND bed frame mentioned, and people always assume it was a vintage find. Plus it's still as sturdy as the first day I put it together, and I haven't heard a squeak out of it.

Bedroom Source List: Metal Beds for Under $1000
3/5/11 05:39 PM


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5/11/09 07:47 PM

Amazing color!

Apartment Therapy DC | Small Cool 2009: Jemma's Convertible Layout Tiny Division #21
4/10/09 05:12 PM

I made a similar light fixture last year with a cord light from Ikea and a roll of wood veneer edging (not the self-adhesive kind). I made it free-form since I wanted the effect to be loose and unstructured, and glue-gunned the points where the lines intersected to help it hold the shape (and made sure there was enough clearance for the lightbulb on all sides to avoid any fire concerns).

Apartment Therapy New York | Fresh Produce as Design Element: How Do You Display Yours?Boston
9/10/08 12:59 PM

My cat took to these surprisingly well, and we didn't have any negative experiences. I did feel a bit embarrassed for my male tabby when he got stuck with a sole remaining pink set... but in the grand scheme of things, that time I neutered him was likely a little more emasculating :)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Question: Do Soft Paws Work?Los Angeles
9/8/08 08:02 PM

One more vote for the Magic Eraser... I had this exact same tile / conundrum in my old apartment- 8 sponges and a few hours later, it looked like new!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Tips for Cleaning Tile Grout? Chicago
9/8/08 07:37 PM