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crack kills

Apartment Therapy DC | Hot or Not? Human Furniture Photographs by David Blazquez
4/27/09 10:00 AM

It's amazing how humans respond to babies, human or otherwise. I can't stand squirrels (they dig up my flowers) but I wouldn't walk away from a baby squirrel.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How To: Help an Abandoned Baby Squirrel
4/21/09 03:53 PM

I learned a long time ago to do it right the first time. When you really want something the next best thing just doesn't work. So I end up doing it twice (eventually) and spending more money. Save up and do it right the first time.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Quotes: Saving Up For the Real Thing Los Angeles
3/11/09 11:50 AM

I like this for a tight space.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Micathermic Panel Heater
1/26/09 12:14 PM

Don't do it!! It's gorgeous. I had a similar problem with an old house I bought. Nasty built in closets that I wanted to rip out. Instead I cleaned up the hardware and changed the door knobs and that helped alot.

Try this website "thisyounghouse.com", they have inexpensive design help. Maybe all you need is a fresh perspective.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: To Paint or Not to Paint? Los Angeles
1/20/09 01:55 PM

There's always room for good affordable design.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Survey: Will You Shop at H&M for the Home?
12/2/08 10:23 AM

If McCain won, I was leaving the U.S. The thought of living in the United States was scaring the crap outta me.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Chicago Pride: Home to the "Western White House" New York Times 11.20.08
11/20/08 02:26 PM

I want it!!!

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Zebra Pattern Wool Rug
10/30/08 08:36 AM

Yes I do! Nice place for inexpensive modern.

Apartment Therapy New York | Nova Zembla
10/17/08 05:35 AM

Fabulous! Excellent use of color. Looks very grown up and sophisticated. Some of the entries seem somewhat 'bubblegum" to me.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | International #14: Kate's World Outside the Window
10/17/08 05:34 AM

I think this topic is relevant. Design is about how we live and represents who we are. Just like the clothes you wear.

I like the graphic statement of zebra stripes. But I would prefer a fake. I've seen the real thing up close and it is creepy. The head is still attached and so is the tail. It's all flattened out like zebra roadkill. Nasty!

I personally don't agree with wasting an animals life for the sake of design or fashion. At least with a cow the entire animal is used, head to toe. There is no waste. Where do you think the term "Cash Cow" comes from. There is no need to eat zebra just like there's no need to wear mink. We do it because we can, because we are at the top of the food chain. Beef and Down feathers work just fine.

Apartment Therapy New York | The Elephant In The Room: Taxidermy, Hides, and Ethics in Decorating
10/15/08 10:47 AM

I agree with RichardinLA. I found 2 emeco bar stools on craigslist for $100 each. I also found an eames stool on craigslist for $200 because it had a water stain (which I got out). You don't need to buy it brand new if you have patience. If they're so well made someone will get rid of one eventually.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Substitution for Emeco Chairs?
9/25/08 06:00 AM

Wow, really cool. I would love to be a little kid exploring the nooks and crannies of this house. You can rollerblade through the hallways and turn cartwheels through the rooms. It's an enchanted castle! very cool!

I wouldn't sell either, another home would be boring in comparison.

Apartment Therapy New York | Bohemian Mansion on the Bowery New York Magazine 9.21.08
9/23/08 11:43 AM

Nice lines on those chairs. You can go so many different ways with this. Gold frame, Silver frame with gray fabric, and you obviously have eclectic tastes. Figure how you want them to look around your table, ethereal, solid, or graphic. I've seen some cool graffitti painted fabric on chairs.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: How Should I Update These Chairs?
9/22/08 09:41 AM

I have allergies, wall to wall carpet is not in the cards for me.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hot or Not? Wall to Wall Carpet Trend
9/22/08 09:02 AM

The world is falling apart. What's new? politics, stock market and my company is letting people go.

And later I will eat my favorite chocolate cupcake so I'm feeling optimistic!

Apartment Therapy New York | Open Thread 668 New York
9/18/08 12:28 PM

I have a canpoy bed. The fabric gets dusty and I have allergies. So I removed the fabric and I appreciate the lines of the bare frame.

Apartment Therapy New York | Gorgeous Canopy Beds Washington DC
9/12/08 07:02 AM

I spent the summer at home since I was laid off in May. On 9/11 I was up early and preparing for a job interview. My mom called and told me to turn on the TV. I saw the plane shaped hole in the bldg and listened to the eye witness accounts. Some said it was an explosion, others said it was a plane. I couldn't figure out which. But I remember thinking who would be so stupid as to drive a plane into a bldg? Who gave this guy a license to fly! Idiot!! My phone started ringing off the hook, My Aunt, My Cousin and Mom. When the second plane hit I was wathcing the TV with my Aunt on the phone and I screamed out loud and started freaking out. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My Aunt was yelling what happened, what! I told her and she cried. I watched at the events unfolded in horror. When the first tower fell, I started crying again and praying. When the second tower fell I was shocked into silence.

Later I left the house to go see my Mom, she was freaking out and wanted all of us to be together. I remember the F16 fighter jets flying overhead, sonic boom and everything. I remember realizing I was in a war zone.

Apartment Therapy New York | Open Thread 665 New York
9/11/08 10:55 AM

I like/understand the idea, and I try hard to keep my possessions under control. I believe in the freedom of this represents yet I find it hard to live this way. It's definately a process.

Apartment Therapy New York | Tiny Living: A Small House Movement Roundup The New York Times 9.11.08
9/11/08 08:42 AM

The shade does have a diffuser and it's only available through the catalog or web.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Clip-On Drum Shades at Pottery Barn
9/3/08 08:27 AM