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Beautiful way to display your Pyrex!

Before & After: Nicole's Painted Cabinet Interiors The Big Reveal
7/25/14 06:45 PM

Such a great way to make large scale pieces, and I second the Society6 idea!

DIY Large-Scale Shower Curtain Artwork 6th Street Design School
7/25/14 01:34 PM

This depends so much on your cooking style. I try to cook in large batches...both for dinners during the week, and for our lunches (to avoid buying at work!) and as a result both my friend and freezer are usually packed (and I am a city dweller.) So for me, a large fridge and freezer are important. If you are more apt to shop and cook often, then a smaller fridge will be for you. Perhaps something in the middle is best?

Personally, I'd hate to have a Euro style fridge. It would kill me!

What's Better in Small Kitchen: More Cabinets or Full-Size Fridge? Good Questions
7/25/14 12:53 PM

Love. So fun and lived in, yet also totally stylish. Can I come over?

Caro & Josh's Colorful & Quirky English Home House Tour
7/23/14 10:15 PM


19th Century Style Cabinet: Should We Paint It Green? Good Questions
7/23/14 10:10 PM

This is and other recent tours are really stunning, but it does make me long for Small Cool to be all year long. Beautiful nonetheless, but some more down to earth tours (not just House Calls) would be nice, too, guys!

Jocelyn Scrapes Back Her Loft House Tour
7/23/14 10:05 PM

I always stack the newly washed dishes at the bottom, and rotate my glasses. It's especially noticeable without a dishwasher since you have to wash things much more frequently than if you could just put them in the dishwasher till it fills up.

One Simple, Smart Idea: Rotate Your Everyday Household Items
7/23/14 09:49 PM

Makes me homesick, too :). I lived in several 2 and 3 families in Cambridge and Somerville. I miss those a lot here in Philly.

Pizza Party on the Porch: The Plan Gatherings from The Kitchn
7/22/14 10:34 PM

Perfection! I want your kitchen!

Before & After: Adrienne's $5,000 Fixer-Upper Kitchen The Big Reveal
7/22/14 10:22 PM

i love that you saved the fantastic sink cabinet unit. Kudos!

Before & After: Cindy's Small Budget Makeover The Big Reveal
7/21/14 09:30 PM

Yes! After the ugly buttery yellow of my current place, whit would be refreshing.

Renters Solutions: 7 Real Life Examples of White Walls that Work Apartment Therapy Home Remedies
7/2/14 09:12 PM

Wow! I am really in love with the use of fun color and pattern here, and I am so happy you've used it in permanent ways with the tiles. Americans are so stuck on making everything beige and friendly to the next buyer. But as a renter often stuck with no option to paint walls, your use of pattern and color in textile is fun and inspirational!

Beatrice & Ramsey's Cultured Echo Park Casa House Tour
6/30/14 10:39 AM

So charming, thanks for sharing!

Emily & Jonnie's Style Collage Apartment House Call
6/25/14 08:30 PM

Mine was an ingredient...I absolutely love Worcestershire sauce as an addition to so many things, but for the past year I've been dating a vegetarian. A Chinese recipe I was making called for Chinese Black Vinegar...turns out that it tastes almost exactly the same as Worcestershire sauce, and it's fish free! My recipes are saved.

What Was Your Game-Changer of a Cooking Discovery? Reader Intelligence Request
6/23/14 12:33 PM

We've had our Bialetti moka for several months now, and while there is some discoloring in the metal base portion from the heating and water, I haven't seen anything greenish. Overall, it still looks mostly new. I will say, however, that although the geometric shape is nice to look at, I HATE cleaning in all the little corners!

For Coffee Lovers: A Kitchen Cart Devoted Entirely To Coffee Making Kitchen Inspiration
6/18/14 11:45 AM

I never thought I'd say this, but that toilet is ADORABLE.

Before & After: Powder Room Exceeds Its Potential
6/18/14 11:08 AM

Yes, I LOVE Hennepin!

Saisons: The Original Summer Seasonal Beer Tapped In
6/18/14 10:59 AM

I know you said you wanted to do something different, but I think if you could find salvaged tile in a similar style to what is in other parts of your house, it would be lovely!

Ideas for Decorating Fireplaces? Good Questions
6/12/14 05:40 PM

I love the way you've mixed old and new in this space! However, the fan collecting thing? I hope those are actually used throughout the house in warmer months!

Andy & Andrew's Vintage Modern House Tour
6/9/14 09:46 PM

The kitchen stools are to die for. I love your taste for color!

Jamie's Wild Blue Yonder House Tour
6/5/14 01:31 PM