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The Firefly posters are by Megan Lara, at
There is actually a 5th print to the set (Saphron).

I saw them at SD Comic Con 2011, and evidently so did Joss Whedon. He bought the whole set right then and there (Megan was away from the booth at the time!).

Megan Lara has done a great many Art Nouveau style pieces, and is known among her nerdy fans for them (including the women of X men and most recently a zombie piece).

New Art Nouveau: Gloriously Ornate Posters
11/8/11 12:43 AM

This is exactly what my workspace looks like in my grad student lab.

My undergraduate university raised a good deal of money a few years ago by selling all their vintage furniture online. They freed up alot of storage space, pieces got to the people who wanted them, and profits were made.

Vintage Steelcase with Contemporary Apple
The Hunt for Vintage

8/30/11 11:39 PM


Melissa's Maxed-Out Minimalism
4/30/11 10:39 PM

My two favorite parts: The Sylvia Ji print and the matching bedset/cat combo :D

Abbie's Light Life
4/26/11 11:52 PM

You had me at the Marimekko pillow. Also, my husband and I totally have that silver lamp (which I love).

Allison's Quirky Space
4/26/11 11:48 PM

Great space! Every picture is breathtaking. Wonderful home indeed!

Marianne's Stockholm Studio
4/19/11 12:13 AM


Jason's Well-lit Loft
4/19/11 12:09 AM

This space feels so open and airy! Perfect :) I adore it.

Christina's Carved-Up Space
4/19/11 12:06 AM