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Congratulations on your new place. It is lovely despite the oddly placed Fireplace.

My 2 cents

1. Get a Mantle . You can either Put a painting on the mantle or a Mirror .
2. The wall facing the door should have a Landing strip. Plan it in such a way that the space is utilized completely. A nice chair or stool would be great there.
3. On the wall in the dining space Have open shelved to store Plates or even books
4. Consider placing the love seat along the wall.

Hope this helps

Ideas for Awkwardly Located Fireplace?
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1/4/11 10:34 AM

1) Antique it!. Try gold leafing the legs and the rim above the drawers

2) paint it black and in the top decoupage pictures preferably Black and white of you and your family and then place a sheet of glass to protect the photos. If you have sepia pics then paint it brown

3) You can paint just the legs and the rim above the drawers black .

How Can I Modernize This Hand-Me-Down Coffee Table?
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10/25/10 11:59 AM

hmm.. Its an interesting space!
i would go with adding a bit of DRAMA!
Replace the ceiling light with a Chandelier
Try a thrift store .

I do feel that you need to screen the living room a Little

The easiest way us to place a book book shelf facing in to the living and on the side that faces the door use a dramatic wall paper . Place a good console table and Mirror.

Use a great Runner for the foyer.

for the big wall... Bring in some color
and it is a great wall to hang Art or family pictures .

Have fun
Rashmi Ramakrishnan

Ideas for this Entryway? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
3/1/10 10:44 AM

I'm going to go on to another direction here... I love the entire space so much that i would not like any built in shelves on the window wall or the brick cladded wall. You should use the Beam above the wall of windows and the skylit.
If you cant get a carpenter to build you a custom shelf try and get old crates of the same size and position them
equi-distantly. Use L clamps so that the weight of the books are supported. You can also paint that beam with a bright color to bring in that pop of color.

How To Fit Book Storage into Low Ceilinged Area? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
2/11/10 10:40 PM

Well ... To lik it may be if you had used some glass Shelves to Link the tables and then used another sheet of glass to add height.. it might have served you better as a table as opposed to a Bench.
To connect the tables you would need something like this

and to add height use some thing like this

Before After: Bedside Turned Entryway Table | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/21/10 09:01 AM

Oh how i wish i could join...Hopefully life would bring me to NYC next year for the &th anual walk..
Have fun!

Apartment Therapy New York | You're Invited: The 6th Annual Apartment Therapy Walks the Island
11/6/09 03:50 AM

My 2 cents thrown in with a picture included.

Use the kitchen counter for dining

Your bed On the right bottom corner, Leave 18" from the wall, for a night stand. On the other side leave another 18"
for walking and place a dividing bookshelf around 12" deep . This would act as a table to keep behind the L shaped sofa. Have a narrow coffee table

You can have 12" deep shelves.

Please refer pic here
Hope this helps
All the best
Bangalore India

Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: Separate Spaces in a Studio Apartment?
7/23/09 12:50 PM

Make sprouts of Moong . You can then make salad with these sprouts . I add finely chopped tomatoes , potatoes, cucumber, cooked corn in the salad. for the dressing its pretty basic. salt, pepper some lemon juice, olive oil, and chopped coriander.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Good Question: More Uses for Mung Beans?
7/1/09 10:27 AM

Just love the way the light glows.The whole thing looks very elegant
Wonder what the neighbors thought though!.

Apartment Therapy New York | Look! David's Outdoor Dinner Party
6/12/09 10:16 AM

Love it...

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Bloom Alma Urban Foldable Crib
6/12/09 10:14 AM

Hi bridget,
It looks like your space needs some rearrangement of furniture.

For the bed rooms.

Move the bed against the window. I know privacy will be an issue here. To get around that, hang a colorful rug such that it stretches from end to end on the wall with the window, covering the lower half of the window, leaving the upper portion of the window exposed .This should anchor the room in terms of color , give a semblance of a headboard. Alternatively use wallpaper. If wallpapering, then fix a piece of mdf on the window such that it covers half the window and wallpaper over it.. Hang a sheer curtain for the upper portion of the window.

Move the wardrobe and desk on the wall on the right of the entrance to the room.

Move the lower drawers to the common area and use it as seating against the window.

The last set of drawers can be used as a night stand near the bed.

Invest in a coat hanger and a shoe stand for your coats, shoes and bags.

Add a desk lamp for the desk and some bed lamps for the bed.

In the living area

He current placement of the sofas at an angle from the wall is taking up too much space. It would be better to place as close to the wall in a more conventional placement

Same with the dining table

Some area rugs preferably a light color would be better.

Hang curtains , wall to wall , not just covering the window. Try and get a horizontal pattern for the curtains, this would widen the room.

Put up some nice art work behind the sofa, prop up come bright cushions, add a vase or two with fresh flowers.

Add two floor lamps on either side of the main sofa and table lamps on the console

Please have a look at my suggestions

Before you actually get around to moving furniture measure your room and plot on a graph paper in the scale of 1 feet = 1 cm. Next measure each of your furniture and plot on another graph paper in the same scale. Mount this graph paper on a thick card paper and cut out each piece of furniture. Now place the furniture in the room layout. You can keep trying various options till you feel that you have hit upon the perfect floor arrangement.

All the best.


Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Questions: DIY Help for Furnished Apartment?
2/2/09 01:02 PM

Hi Aruna,

Lets start with the middle shelf, looks like that’s your puja and u also seem to be storing the puja related stuff there.
• As many have already suggested, put up the pictures on the walls, that would clear up some space on the shelf .
• Use beautiful decorative boxes to store your agarbattis, rangoli powder, etc. At this point, it may be a good idea to see if you have any duplicate pictures that you may want to donate to a temple.
• If possible paint the back and the sides of the shelf wall with some Emerald color. Very close to BHER’s shade Precious Emerald S-H-470. Try adding some sheen to the color or some delicate patterns with a dull gold. Do the same color for the space between the floor and the 1st shelf as well.
• Place a mirror on the shelf floor also try and stick a mirror the underside of the top shelf. The reason for this is. When you would light a lamp there it would really light up the place and having a mirror on top gives the rangoli etc.. a very interesting dimension.

For the 1st Shelf
• Use a deep orange or maroon for color on the wall . Try and get one more mini tanjore painting and mount it on clear plastic plate stands. Use different heights to make it interesting.
Don’t keep any thing else on that shelf or may be just the maroon tealight holder that you have already on the shelf.

For the Top shelf
Since you have a lot of action going on the lower shelves keep just one piece of art or a statue there.

For the space between the floor and shelf store an old wooden trunk embellished with some brass handles etc. Store extra linens etc in that .

Hope that helps.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: What to Do With Floor to Ceiling Shelving?
12/16/08 11:01 PM

I love the Compact Space. It has Lots of possibilities.

I have never lived in Japan.. so i am not sure if these are possible. But do give it a Thought.

1) Move your Clothes Rack to where your Desk Space is.
If you can, Reconfigure your rack so that the smaller space is above and the longer space is below. Get a piece of wood to create a shelf there and place your TV and the related Equipment there. Hang your clothes in the lower space. Cover up the lower Space with Canvas or Any thick fabric.

2) In The Place of the Clothes Rack, Place the 2 storage/bookshelves (Currently on either side of the Printer).Stack them one over the other. Secure it with some hardware and paint it white.

3) Move the Drawers as the Headboard and a divider between the foyer and the living space. The Drawers face the foyer. Can you remove the Handle like extensions? Paint it White or Red. Place books or some curios. A beautiful lamp would add to the aesthetics and also act as bedside lamps

4) Some under bed storage is always a good idea.

5) Love Homebody's idea of the kitchen island.

6) Stack up another of the narrow storage boxes near the Kitchen.(Grey)

7) If you move your clothes as in Point 1, you can cover up using curtains etc from that point to the beginning of the kitchen. This would create a cozy dressing area.

8) As for a working Desk placement, Place it where the drawers are currently placed. As for the desk it self, It may be a good idea to get a desk with place with printer and storage at the top and a shelf that slides in to place your laptop. Remodel the current printer shelf to turn it into a table. With a folding door that also acts as a table Use folding chairs for seating.

9) In the Shower, Can you add shelves to store towels etc? Add some narrow storage in the Bathroom as well.

10) Some plants and some seating would be a good idea in the patio.

If you can get rid of the bed and get a sofa bed with storage it would open the space and add to seating.

All the best.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: What Should I Do With My Studio Apt?Los Angeles
9/3/08 08:34 AM