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We found one similar but was in much worse condition than yours. The fabric was torn and mouldy and smelled terrible! so we stripped the interior it back and painted it (it was in really, really bad condition so don't hate me for doing it!) and then took out the drawers (but kept them) and replaced them with shelves which just sit on the metal angles that were the drawer runners. We can always put the drawers back if we want. We keep it open next to the door now and use it as a shoe rack with jackets etc on the hanging side and shoes on the shelves.

Ideas for Getting More Use out of Vertical Steamer Trunk? Good Questions
8/21/12 01:38 AM

I LOVE this look and have a wall in an old red brick warehouse building that we've just cleaned all the lead paint off.

I was going to lightly lime wash it just to soften the darkness of the bricks a bit, but the wall is inside and I don't want it to shed the 'chalk' dust mentioned earlier all over the room.
I have read some articles on the crystalisation that happens which forms a solid surface - would that stop it shedding? or is there a way to 'seal' the lime without causing all the structural problems?
It was such a pain to get all the old paint off, I'm keen not to mess it up so any advice would be great!!

Good Questions: How To Whitewash My Brick Wall?
8/21/12 12:54 AM