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Flag behind the stove, major major fire hazard.

Janelle & Robert's East/West Coast Mix House Tour
8/7/13 08:47 PM

Bright Butterfly Chairs - $150

Can be found at any Walmart, Big Lots, Target, Dollar General, Family Dollar and any other store for less than $30

Lawrenceville, GA: Red Market Umbrella - $904

Literally, seen this at Big Lots the other day for $100

Warming Trends: Butterfly Chair, Stove & Chaises The Monday Scavenger
4/17/13 08:06 PM


I was wondering exactly the same thing.

Its a dutch oven, heavy metal shaped into a pot and then enameled with some sort of ceramic enamel. If it costs $20 or $400 the end result is pretty much the same when it comes to the product, one may be made by hand one may be made by machine, one may use recycled metals one may use virgin metals. I can't justify paying $300 for a cooking pot.

My Uncool Kitchen Tool: A Not-As-Good-As-Le-Creuset Dutch Oven
3/1/13 06:31 PM

I would have read the first line and tell the parents keep it, if its your phone, then you're not giving me anything.

What Do You Think of This Mom's iPhone Contract For Her 13 Year Old Son?
1/28/13 08:25 PM

"Napkin rings are a holdover from the days before washing machines, when table linens were not washed after every meal"

People washed their linens for a long time way before washing machines.

If you're going to have cloth napkins, please make sure they are cotton, otherwise it's like using a curtain as a napkin.

Fun or Faux Pas? Napkin Rings for
Dinner Parties

12/5/12 11:47 AM

1 Form over function? Is that really your argument?

2. You won't get faster boot times simply by switching your OS, you'd have to upgrade your hard drive to a SSD

3. This is on the list of cons for Windows 8, how its multitasking is dead in favour of a iOS type of multi tasking, so in reality you can multi task less.

4. "Good enough computing" is the concept that explains why this point is dead, we have way more memory in our PCs than what we normally use, anyone who uses more will not buy your standard PC with 4GB of RAM

5. This is actually a good argument, but if you are not required to use Microsoft Office, then there are tons of free alternatives.

6. You can use skype in any version of Windows

7. This is where the philosophical differences begin, and that is where lots of people in the industry are drawing a line of NO

8. BS BS BS BS, you will have the same battery life you did before, unless you buy a new computer

9. That is a good reason.

10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 8
11/24/12 12:21 AM

I wonder how much that would jack up the wattage consumption for a lightbulb?

There are these boxes you can buy that you hook it up to a phone line and to your electric box and it allows you to control several sets of lights by using a phone line, and by now, I would imagine you could use a smartphone as well.

USR sells some of thsoe I don't know what they are called, but its what big box stores use to have their lights remotely controlled.

Wi-Fi Adapters Let You Control Lightbulbs From Your Smartphone Design News 11.19.12
11/23/12 11:37 PM

Yet another reason, to have a dumb phone.

Cheaper plan, longer battery life.

Here's How to Stop the iPhone 4S Battery Drain
10/1/12 10:25 PM

I wish they hadn't changed the size of the phone, some people enjoyed the consistency.

Anyway, I have a flip dumbphone that costs $15 with unlimited calling and texting for $40.

I have used a smartphone for a year, and they suck as phones. I'm thinking of buying a iphone soon but only as a PDA with a data plan only, it is simply one of the best MP3 players out there.

To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade:
Is the iPhone 5 Worth It?

9/21/12 09:02 PM

In fact, having your house poorly lit will make it more evident when someone is robbing it, because they will have to give themselves away when they break in.

Home Security: Tips, Ideas & DIY Projects
9/19/12 10:46 PM

Having your house lit is NOT a good idea, not the way to go, look at statistics, most robberies are done during day light, thieves need to see what they are doing, they can't steal much if they have to hold a flash light in their hand.

Home Security: Tips, Ideas & DIY Projects
9/19/12 10:38 PM

They look cool. I've been looking at a set at my local dept store, I think we have been spoiled by $3 mugs.

Linum Teacup by Nathalie Lahdenmaki
9/17/12 10:33 PM

Mag lites.

Needed one for a headlight on a bike, got only five so far, but flash lights in general.

Got the new Mini Pro+ at 245 lumens, its as bright as a 2D LED at less than 6 inches.

What Do You Indulge in Collecting?
9/17/12 10:26 PM

They look great, I'd love to try them.

Design Classic: Emeco Chairs
9/17/12 10:23 PM

Oh God...

I think I would have left them the way they were aesthetically, and replaced the hinges that made them look uneven, some serious washing for the veneer on those cabinets.

Before & After: Rental Kitchen Gets an Adorable Update
9/17/12 10:21 PM

I seen the dental cabinet and I knew exactly what that was, a friend of mine had one of those they look pretty amazing, he had refurb. it white with black felt on top, looked amazing.

Domestic Deco: Dental Cabinet, Armoire & Channel Back Chairs The Monday AFTERNOON Scavenger
9/17/12 10:07 PM

Love the chair.

Get the Look: 2 Classics for 1 Dining Room
9/17/12 10:04 PM

Pro-tip - 56k modem, less than $10 a month.

Slow? God yes.

But it is there.

How To Deal When Your Internet is Down
9/17/12 09:54 PM

They should have invested in speakers with 3.5mm plug ins instead of 30 pin proprietary apple docks.

Why Hotels Hate the New iPhone 5
9/17/12 09:49 PM

I would appreciate a larger bitrate more than I would larger definition. We've been watching 320*240 res for years, now I am watching it at 720p and have large blocks of pixels floating around the screen makes it look just like SD.

Does High Definition Resolution Even Matter For You?
Reader Intelligence Report

9/17/12 09:47 PM