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I'm with thorndale on this. I pay $775/mo in rent for a little one bedroom on a quiet street in Logan Square, Chicago. My friend pays that much for a sprawling 1 bedroom condo in the Edgewater neighborhood (further from fun/downtown). He has constant condo association headaches. He's also not sure about the market and selling even though he wants to move in with his boyfriend of almost 4 years. I'm not definitely not buying anytime in the foreseeable future. I just signed my 3rd lease. I love it.

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6/24/10 08:26 AM

Love that the Dill Pickle Co-op is already making editorial. Logan Square keeps getting better!

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12/21/09 12:08 PM

They are beautiful, but does anyone see these and think Mosquito breeding ground? Perhaps the birds would disrupt the water enough for this not to be a problem. Curious.

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6/29/09 05:41 PM

I have to push my bed in the corner. I've moved countless times and most the time the bed has to go in the corner so I can walk into my bedroom. I'd love to see solutions on that.
I have a shelving system instead of a headboard where I can put my lamp, books, alarm clock on, but I'd love some more ideas.

Also I want to sleep on that porch.

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5/16/09 11:38 AM

Besides basic cleanliness, if a new man in my life has a few healthy house plants, I always feel more at ease and optimistic about the possibilities.

Good call on the lighting as well.

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12/15/08 02:07 PM

I lived in New York and Chicago and I think that study is flawed. Chicago is FAR less stressful. It was a primary reason I moved back. 'Course I don't own a car and that helps a lot.

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12/9/08 02:48 PM

Hi. Mrs.Mack, For the first Spring Cure entry that explains it pretty well, go to

Does anyone know where I can get a counter-height table that is either real wood, steel or a combo of both that is affordable. Maybe less or at $300? I hate MDF. I need counter work space that doubles as a dining table for my small apartment.


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9/3/08 07:29 AM

I have really fond memories of walking around the yard with my dad, picking bag worms and stomping them. To this day if I see a bag worm I will pick it and stomp it. Doesn't come up so often in my Chicago apartment though.

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8/30/08 06:23 AM