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How did number 4 make the cut. No cord management.

10 Stylish PC Home Offices Without an Apple in Sight
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4/10/11 07:34 PM

@westendRIOT: Time Machine is a great option to doing incremental backups however:

1. If your main hard drive goes down, you can't immediately start up from the backup that Time Machine creates. You will need to replace your main hard drive, then restore from Time Machine.

2. In some cases, when you boot up from the new hard drive just restored from Time Machine, some of your applications will have forgotten all the serial numbers.

3. Restoring from Time Machine can take hours especially if running from Time Capsule.

The benefits of cloning are:

1. Speed. You are basically up and running once you reboot your computer from the external drive that has your clone. In most homes, the computer is the hub of all your media and communication (music, pictures, movies and email), having it down for an extended period isn't an option.

2. If you have CC or SD schedule a daily clone of your computer you can be up and running with minimal data loss.

3. It wont break any of the serial numbers in your applications.

4. If you are extremely paranoid individual, you can take an exact clone of your computer with you every day just in case someone breaks into your place and steals your computer or theres a fire in your home.

Mac Hard Drive Cloning the Easy Way...
3/19/11 01:24 PM

So doing it this way isn't really the "Easy Way" as the title suggests.

Mac Hard Drive Cloning the Easy Way...
3/18/11 09:07 PM

Agree with jdechko.

Using Disk Utility is all well and good but when your week gets really busy sometimes you'll forget to do a clone of your computer. And we all agree that having a backup is always a good practice. CC and SD have scheduling features that make weekly or even daily backups for you AND in a fraction of the time it takes to do a full clone using Disk Utility.

Mac Hard Drive Cloning the Easy Way...
3/18/11 09:06 PM

My wife and I haven't had a land line since 2006. Seemed silly to have a landline while owning cellphones. Especially now with all the options to communicate (Magic Jack, video chat, Skype) there really isn't any reason to own one anymore.

Would You Say Goodbye To Your Land Line?
1/30/11 04:47 AM

Agree with Viscumin and Jasmine.

How Far Would You Go For Tech?
1/30/11 04:41 AM

@King404: Yeah, you're right it does describe what it does. But the whole "i" designation is usually thought of as it relates to computers and more specifically Macs or Apple.

My problem is that I'm sure that Black and Decker had an advertising agency to market this product and pitched possibly hundreds of names. But some exec at Black and Decker put his foot down and said I want "iShred." It's the same thing with the proliferation copycats after "Got Milk" campaign came out.

Coolest Document Shredder Ever: Black & Decker iShred
CES 2011

1/10/11 02:57 AM

iShred? Seriously? Couldn't they have come up with a better name than that?

Coolest Document Shredder Ever: Black & Decker iShred
CES 2011

1/9/11 06:25 PM

Agreed with dimwell and charmac.

Furthermore, with the bandwidth capping that's going on (as reported here on this blog by Anthony Nguyen) what happens then? In using the internet as the sole means of accessing their media, you are limited each month by the bandwidth cap that internet providers give you.

If my daughter wanted to watch a quick show of Dora the Explorer, going through Netflix is fine. But when I want to "300," there is no way the quality of streaming media comes anywhere close to the 7.1, high definition goodness of Blu-Ray.

Real Alternatives to Blu-Ray Discs: Going Digital
12/4/10 12:32 AM

Agree with charmac. Increasingly a lot of our day to day errands, correspondence, bills and memories are digital. Losing a months worth would be MORE than inconvenient to say the least.

I backup using Time Machine and have an external that I use to make a clone of my computer using Super Duper. I take the external to work just like charmac.

With the prices of hard drives becoming so affordable, backing up shouldn't be just an option. It's become a necessity.

Computer Maintenance: Backup Every Few Months
9/13/10 06:20 PM

Agree with ominoustoad.

1. Install speakers on the wall with brackets or recessed into the wall so your room doesn't have any AV hardware visible or...

2. you might consider running the speaker wire under the floor so you don't have cords visible on the floor.

3. You might also want to replace your fan with another that doesn't drop so low

4. Or if you don't need the fan, install potlights instead.

If You Could Start All Over With Your Home Tech | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
7/16/10 03:58 PM

Agreed hnhkt and Trish1980.

With some computers costing close to $3K having kids just "break stuff anyway" is not really an option for me. I usually put all of my electronics stuff away from the reach of my 4 year old daughter. But even when it is within her reach, she knows not to touch it. When I allow my daughter to use my computer to play her educational games, I am always nearby to supervise.

Baby Smash and AlphaBaby | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/2/10 01:22 PM

Why would anyone spend that much money on case? And it doesn't look like it protects the tech properly. pat3ck's recommendation of the DODOcase is great. Although there's a bit of a wait for it (6 weeks last time I checked). The incase book jacket folio case is pretty good too. I like the United SGP Vintage Edition Leather Case. At $70 it's on the pricier side of what I'd like to purchase but still looks pretty good.

Designer iPad Cases | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
6/9/10 10:54 AM

Gotta agree with ElevatorHappyFun. Needs some cable management. No matter how cool the hack is, if they don't finish it off with wire management, it feels half done.

IKEA's LACK Dioder = Great Home Entertainment Center | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
5/12/10 11:16 PM

It's too bad you'll be losing your home office. The tour was awesome. It was an inspiration to get my home office organized.

How about the BlueLounge StudioDesk. Dimensions for the desk are on the website.

The Best Closet Sized Home Office Desks | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
3/26/10 12:23 PM

There are two reasons why this card is problematic. Firstly, as lew! mentioned above, Google logo is being used without permission. There's a TM is superscript next to the logo for a reason. Secondly, if this card is "easily be adapted for nearly any profession or endeavor" then it defeats the point of a business card, which is differentiation from a competitor or another business altogether. A business card needs to stand out. If this printer's business card looks like his competitor's card or the pizza take out down the street, then what's the point.

Final Frame: Search This | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
12/10/09 11:57 AM

Love this.

LaCie Flat Cables | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
12/7/09 04:08 PM

It's beautiful I have to admit. But no strap? If you're driving to work that's no problem. But if you are using this to commute by subway or if you doing some traveling, it might be a little difficult.

WANT ORGANIC Tech Accessories at J. Crew | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
12/7/09 04:06 PM

I agree with sizzlerred and Jose A. I'd like to also add that the subwoofer belongs on the ground.

They did so much work customizing and hacking the Ikea units. I don't see why they didn't have the foresight for the speaker placement and cable management. Did they run out of time, money or energy?

A Custom Entertainment Unit from Ikea Pieces | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
12/7/09 03:47 PM

There are a lot of reasons why this is wrong even for the stated purpose of using it as a car audio or GPS. The reason why most window mounted GPS units are small are so that it doesn't obstruct the drivers view. And most car audio/video solutions are a console mounted double DIN that (again) don't obstruct the drivers view. Also can you imagine trying to look for music tracks on your computer while driving? It's so dangerous. I doubt the person this DIYer crashes into will be happy about this "cheaper alternative." But lets just say safety isn't an issue: 1) it's a waste of energy to run a laptop just to play music or use a GPS 2) it looks stupid. You'll have a tray velcroed to your dashboard.

I thought this site was about beautiful, intelligent and efficient technology. This idea is none of those things.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Found: DIY Laptop Car Mount
11/6/09 04:58 PM