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what are the plants called in the hanging pots in the last photo? they're beautiful.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Indoor Plantscapes
2/3/09 12:05 AM

I'm thinking about painting the walls in our soon to be rental house with different shades of gray similar to this living room and dining room. How would grays look with medium-brown wood trim? I'm not going to be painting it, so I was wondering if anyone has ever seen something similar or has personal experience with it. The wood has a sort of reddish brown tone and is probably about 5" wide. It mostly around the floors and doorways. Any suggestions would be so appreciated. This will be the first time I will have been able to paint since my husband and I were married 5 years ago (apt renters). I just don't want to overdue it just because I'm excited. :) Thanks!

Apartment Therapy Boston | House Tour: Kate’s Edwardian Update Cambridge, Massachusetts
1/14/09 09:25 AM

I am going to dream of having a tub like that, now that I've seen one, and know what it is. Thank you!

Also, this whole house is beautiful.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #12: Oliver and Rogan's Warm Fall Colors
10/9/08 06:33 PM

I'm pretty sure this is the stove (or a similar version of it) that's in my grandma's kitchen in Texas. I'm sure she has been using it since it was brand new. It looks so classy.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look!: A Secret Stovetop
9/10/08 10:45 AM

... seems like it's becoming cliche to call this poster "cliche". I don't usually comment, I just enjoy reading all the great info this design blog has to offer. I just decided I wanted to get one of these posters in the original red for when I move into a new apartment, so I was doing research and didn't realize how popular they are, and deservingly so. I felt comforted and happy when I first saw this. It's clean and simple design, and all the nice colors that you can find it in, make it a simple way to brighten a room. Not just with the color, but the words as well. I think it's silly to make others that are just discovering this poster feel stupid and "cliche" for thinking it's beautiful and wanting one. I'm sorry if I've stepped on any toes, but if you personally feel that you're above putting this poster on your walls, that's fine, but why ruin it for everyone else?


pachyermfan: agree with what you said about how it's funny that people are complaining that it's "everywhere" when that was the original intention. I say the more, the merrier.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Keep Calm and Carry On Poster?
8/29/08 05:12 PM