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I love the dedication and the over all design.
It's your house- wanna use coins, go ahead!

Nickel Tile Floor! A DIY Bathroom Renovation
9/29/10 02:36 PM

Star Wars forever!

Cool Star Wars Artwork
9/29/10 02:25 PM


A Shipwreck in an Art Gallery
9/29/10 02:20 PM

What a wonderful tip list, thanks!

All You'll Ever Need To Know About Attending An Auction
9/29/10 02:14 PM

Lucky indeed - amazing place!

Dave's Comfortably Eclectic Home
House Tour

9/29/10 01:34 PM

You can inspect the piece and you might not see it since they are clever creatures the dreaded bedbugs.
I would:
Buy a couple really big mattress moving bags (large, heavy weight plastic bags) and seal the couch inside the bags for 3-4 days with a bunch of D-Earth.

Should I Be Worried About Pests When Buying a Used Sofa?
Good Questions

9/29/10 01:31 PM

Yes to the clever Floridian!!!!!

Rotator Rod by Colleen O'Connell
Design Showcase 2010 Finalist

9/29/10 01:28 PM

I have used the cedar balls and squares, wonderful.

Cedar Drawer Liners
9/7/10 02:46 PM

I love the chiasso floor lamp dsgnomite.

A Spotlight on Spotlights
9/7/10 02:45 PM

I like it too and I say like not love due to the price.

The Frame Hanger: A Coat Rack That Doubles as Art
9/7/10 02:40 PM

Tim Burton-esque. Therefore, cool - I agree!

Black Painted House: Love It or Leave It?
9/7/10 02:38 PM

Good for the Finns!

Finnish Design Shop
Store Profile

9/7/10 02:36 PM

Steam seems to work too.

The horror of such pests is not easy to forget.

A Bedbug By Any Other Name: Cimex Lecularius
9/7/10 02:31 PM

Ahh, just like home!

The Mad Scientist Decorates
Inside Man

9/7/10 02:28 PM

For me less is more and when you live is an condo it better be.

Patricia's Downsized Digs
House Tour

9/7/10 01:55 PM

As a Floridian one thinks they are ready till reallity hits.

Weathering the Weather: Hurricane Earl
9/7/10 01:53 PM

I love this room - gives me tons of ideas.

A Unique Way to Display and Store Your Magazines
La Dolce Vita

9/7/10 01:52 PM

Looks like a bad hotel lobby, sad.

Reactions to the New Oval Office
The New York Times

9/7/10 01:50 PM

Right up my alley

A Collection of Maimed Toys Turned Artwork
9/7/10 01:49 PM

railway nail - i have one, I do not collect anythings but a bit of it all!

What's the Weirdest Thing You Collect?
9/7/10 01:47 PM