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It's ridiculous to have more pillows than you need for sleeping! What happens when you actually go to bed? Do you just chuck the other pillows on the floor? Decorative pillows are just useless stuff, clutter.

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2/26/09 04:44 PM


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2/24/09 05:17 PM

I love this post. I've gotten heaps of ideas for something I never knew what to do with before. Eating the stalk instead of chucking it is thrifty and better for the earth, so thanks!

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1/24/09 05:30 AM

No! Too gimmicky. Just make me good coffee please, no pretty pictures!

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9/2/08 12:34 PM

No! It's lovely the way it is. The colours of the timber and brick look so warm. And I like that it's not all perfect and one colour... the combination of the different surfaces gives the space character.

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8/28/08 09:16 PM