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It's interesting that an interior design website were to post this, because my understanding is that Ann Landers thought that all this business of keeping one's home was a crock. Wasn't it she who didn't want her tombstone to read "kept a neat home?" She was more about being in touch with the world at large than being in touch with the home. Or at least that's what I'm recalling...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Quotes: Ann Landers
9/23/08 04:59 PM

We use a hanging shoe rack to store mittens and hats.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look! S-Hooks in an Entryway Closet
9/9/08 01:24 PM

Bright white. And paint the cabinets the same bright white. The sea foam/gray thing seems kind of outdated to me.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Wall Color for Our Kitchen?
9/9/08 01:23 PM

To scarlethue regarding why people always need to say "I was the first one": because you feel cool. And there ain't nothing wrong with feeling cool. ;)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | We're Still Floored By Flor Carpet Squares
8/29/08 07:25 PM

I think I was one of the first residential Flor customers. At the time there was only one customer service rep, and we were on first name basis. And as it turned out, my sister worked with her at her last job. Anyway.

Has anybody used these on their walls?! I am very tempted to cover an entire wall with them. VERY. But I'm not sure how to affix them. Would be interested to hear if anyone's done so.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | We're Still Floored By Flor Carpet Squares
8/29/08 01:51 PM

Not that I know or speak for poptart, but s/he was perhaps referring to this:

"Does it mean anything? No.
Does it allow you to explore your inner feelings? No.
Does it make a statement about something important in your life? No."

Why are the answers to these questions so unwaveringly "no"?

In any case, art is what it is. Do with it what you want, as far as I'm concerned. And for me, I think I'd get sick of that particular doodle board pretty quick. I'll keep my eye out for others!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look!: Scrap Canvas Board
8/28/08 04:30 PM

Please do not paint it! Yikes. If you don't like the exposed brick and beams, then you may want to consider moving. Isn't the whole point of a loft seeing all that stuff in its raw form?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Should We Paint the Brick and Timber?
8/28/08 04:25 PM