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None of these are exactly what you described, but try Overstock:

Does Anyone Make a Double-Size Vanity for Only One Sink? Good Questions
7/21/14 12:08 PM

We did this a few years ago, and we've been happy with the single sink. We used an IKEA base (drawers on both sides) and our own teak countertop and undermounted sink. IKEA may be too sleek for your craftsman space, but we used the Godmorgen line with drawers on both sides. The plumbing runs behind the drawers, so they're a little shallower than full depth. You might also try overstock. It looks like they have several wider single sink ones, but mostly with the sink centered. Good luck!

Does Anyone Make a Double-Size Vanity for Only One Sink? Good Questions
7/21/14 11:58 AM

I've been thinking of doing this in our kitchen. We have white cabinets and vintage (aka well-loved) wood floors. The room gets a lot of light. Black would be too much of a contrast. Any suggestions?

Before & After: All White Kitchen Gets a Subtle Kick
7/3/14 07:19 PM

I can't tell from the photos, but do you still want some light to come through the door? There are some great ideas here, but if you want light, too, the AT commentariat may need to dig a bit deeper.

How Can I Beautify My Plexiglass-Covered Front Door? Good Questions
5/1/14 12:00 PM

With all of these, you'll want to open the wine pretty quickly after you buy it. This is perfect for a nouveau beaujolais or other wine that doesn't improve with age, or for a bottle you pick up to drink with dinner. The plastic pouches inside don't keep your wine as well protected from oxygen over longer spans of time.

Beyond the Glass Bottle: 3 Unique Ways to Package Wine
5/1/14 11:56 AM

@erzile, that's part of why this hack is so brilliant. They just used the glass that came with the IKEA table. If you live near an IKEA, your local craigslist furniture section is probably 50% IKEA cast-offs. Also, if the glass is 100% supported by Lego, you can go with a thinner piece, which could help cut the cost of your custom desktop.

Never Stop Playing With Toys: DIY Grown-Up LEGO Table IKEA Hackers
4/23/14 12:20 PM

I live in one of these homes (not as nice as yours), and the unpainted woodwork felt dark and oppressive to me as well. It won me over when we painted the walls jewel tones and added art and modern light fixtures. That said, if you really hate it, paint it. It will look lovely and bright, too, even if the purists will cringe.

To Paint or Not To Paint Our Abundance of Wood Trim? Good Questions
4/22/14 09:18 AM

It would be great for AT to do a tutorial. The key for getting books on the wall is to make sure you're mounting into something really solid, like a wall stud (or several). You can also fake this look with a partial wall mount, but with legs that touch the floor. IKEA's Stolmen or CB2's Helix will put most of the load on the floor.

Small Space Secrets: Swap Your Bookcases for Wall Mounted Shelving
4/11/14 02:04 PM

I've seen some really cute chairs re-woven with garden hose. Might not work for everyone, but in the right garden setting--adorable. It's the perfect use for a hose that's sprung a leak.

Replacement Material for Weaving on Outdoor Chairs? Good Questions
4/4/14 03:18 PM

Don't forget to share the love. We can brighten "Nanny's" day by simply putting something the kids made in an envelope and dropping it in the mail.

Memorabilia Mania: Deciding What Papers, Artwork & Ephemera to Keep For Your Kids Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/11/14 12:02 PM

I just built one of these for my sons' room. Except for the white ones, the Hemnes dressers are solid wood. It's not particularly fancy furniture, but it is pretty well made.

Before & After: Hemnes Hack Gets The Dubai Treatment
3/3/14 12:19 PM

IKEA makes a little metal cabinet with shallow drawers. It's just the right size for an extensive polish collection. Manicurists use them. Search for Helmer.

Ideas for Storing Nail Polish? Good Questions
2/21/14 06:38 PM

@ Ambored, I think it's the IKEA PS line. We have the red one as a credenza. It's a great pop of color.

Stylish Storage: 10 Best Ways to Organize Your Entryway
2/10/14 12:15 PM

@ Ambored, I think it's the IKEA PS line. We have the red one as a credenza. It's a great pop of color.

Stylish Storage: 10 Best Ways to Organize Your Entryway
2/10/14 12:15 PM

We're hosting a Super Bowl party for people who don't really care that much about football. Lots of kids, lot of food, and a lot of "shhh....the commercials are on!" Slow cooker BBQ chicken sliders are on the menu. I skipped the floor cleaning step, but may need to do that AFTER the party.

The Last Lap: Gather Some Goodies The January Cure Assignment #21
1/30/14 11:30 AM

We're redoing our living room and trying to get the clutter of furniture and vintage stereo equipment stored and streamlined into a more modern, less-cluttered, media wall. I just sent out the invites for our annual Super Bowl party, so at a minimum the TV has to be up and wired. Fingers crossed we finish in time. I may slack off on a couple of the other cure assignments to get this done. Although I do like having fresh flowers around.

Keep Yourself on Track: Get a
Get-Together Together
January Cure: Assignment # 8

1/16/14 12:48 PM

I ship direct for nieces and nephews on their birthday, especially with books from Amazon, which can be heavy. The truth is, the kids are young, and getting a box in the mail just for them is super fun, even if the present inside is just surrounded by an air pillow (if they had a bubble wrap options, that would be more fun that the gift!). For Christmas, I wrap most of the gifts, but might send one special (large or heavy) item directly. If I won't be there in person to wrap, I'll send my sister's gift to my dad and ask him to wrap or, or vice versa.

Gift Giving Etiquette: Do You Ship Directly to the Recipient When Shopping Online?
11/27/13 11:27 AM

Original poster here. Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions. We ended up making a 2-layer strawberry cake, filled with strawberry preserves and topped with cream cheese frosting. Encouraged by the AT readers, I tried my local grocery. They happened to have some organic berries with good color and decent flavor. I sliced them super thin and used them all around the edged of the cake. It was a hit, and he is still talking about his delicious strawberry cake. Thanks again, AT!

How Can I Make a Fantastic Strawberry Cake in Mid-November? Good Questions
11/18/13 12:34 PM

My 7-year-old is a reluctant reader. The books that he has really responded to were the Droon series (we read these together), Mal & Chad (graphic novels with some Calvin & Hobbes-ish qualities), Squish (more graphic novels, about an amoeba). For classics, My Father's Dragon is fantastic and has 2 sequels. Finally, I agree 100% with Kiera's comment--he LOVES Ivy & Bean.

10 Book Series Boys Will Especially Love
11/6/13 12:37 PM

If it were mine and it were comfortable, I might try painting it. There are a few tutorials online on painting upholstery (I think I saw a sofa here on AT--maybe someone else has the link?), and it might look really great until you can afford to reupholster it or until you're ready to pass it along. Of course, if you're not up for a project, you should just let it go. Just because the freelisters are clamoring for it doesn't mean you should feel obligated to keep it. The goal is to keep fabulous things out of landfill, not necessarily by storing them in your home. ;-)

Should I Keep this Chair? Good Questions
10/25/13 12:51 PM