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wear slip off shoes and nothing metal (no underwires!) to make it a little easier

Oh, please. The underwires in your bra are not going to set it off any more than your wedding ring will. They take small bits of metal into consideration. Otherwise fillings in teeth would set it off, too. Take the obvious things off (or don't wear them in the first place) like watches, belts, etc. and relax.

Good Questions: Flying With a Baby
11/20/12 12:22 AM


I think you misunderstood Anusha73's comment. She mentioned lap travel. Perhaps US domestic travel is different, but for international travel, even lap children must have tickets as Anusha73 said. In my experience with different airlines, it's usually 10% of the adult's price (whereas purchasing a ticket for a seat for the child is full price). Again, domestic air travel has slightly different rules than international.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Tips for Overseas Travel with Toddler?
11/19/12 12:16 AM

After, after, after...

The Power Of Paint:
My Lamp Before & After

9/26/12 04:56 AM


Take a look at this Cure page. There was no Cure this past spring ('12). Last fall ('11) was a repeat (literally—posts, comments, everything) of the fall before that ('10), which was a shortened version they called 20/20. They had a "color Cure" in August '11, but otherwise we haven't had a full scale Cure since spring '10.

AT has been phasing out the Cure, though I don't know why. People flock to the site when they run one. Maybe it's too much work for them.

Sad. :(

Vintage Cure: Make a List of 6 Home Needs Apartment Therapy Videos
9/15/12 08:28 AM

The videos are nice for the Cure, but otherwise no thanks. Lots of great pictures and awesome text, please.

Also, please please please let's have a full Cure again. We haven't had one in ages. I miss them. And wasn't that what this site was based off of? Why did you quit, AT?

Vintage Cure: Make a List of 6 Home Needs Apartment Therapy Videos
9/15/12 08:18 AM

Did you check the source link they included? It's a stock image. So, you can purchase it. Here it is: Cereals in wooden box by Elena Schweitzer (just in case the link doesn't work, it's image ID: 82524613).

A Guide to Cooking with Whole Grains & Baking with Whole Grain Flours Quick Guides to Ingredients
9/15/12 07:31 AM

So, someone told me that if I have too much garlic, that I should store it in oil in the freezer (rather than the fridge because of botulism). I had inherited a huge bag of peeled garlic, and since I couldn't use it all fast enough I minced it all in my food processor, poured it into a large Tupperware container with oil, and froze it.

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

Do you know how hard it is to chisel a chunk out? Anyway, I need to know—can I thaw the whole block and refreeze them in ice cube trays, or is it like meat where you shouldn't refreeze it again?

I don't know what to do.

Freeze & Preserve Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil Kitchen Tip
8/19/12 09:03 AM

"Besides the cool concept, the design of the Biome itself is gorgeous."

Erm, am I the only one who thinks it looks like a giant boob? The plants are pretty, but the container is not my style...

But the iPhone light I could get behind. It'd be nice to be able to turn off the light once I'm already in bed.

A Self-Making Bed (!?) and More Smart Bedroom Tech
8/19/12 08:29 AM

Reading this post has made me realize how lonely I am, and how much I've been subconsciously stuffing those feelings in an effort to be happy. :(

Finding Friendship at Every Stage
of Your Life

8/16/12 10:06 AM

Am I the only one who thought of Disney's Cinderella when seeing the bells?

Time Capsule: A Rediscovered Victorian Kitchen
8/16/12 07:51 AM

Or, you know, white balance first? Would save you a heap of trouble and it's so easy to do.

How To Color Correct a Photo Super Photo Magic School
6/6/12 09:19 AM

But where would the chair's outlet get its power? In the first picture, there's no evidence of the chair being plugged in somewhere...

Can You Guess What Secret This Chair is Hiding?
5/8/12 08:19 AM

I expected AT reader complaints about the curtains being within grabbing reach, but how refreshing that there aren't any! I think this is a wonderful (and nice-looking) set up.

Eliot's "Dutch Cupboard" Crib One Little Minute
5/6/12 04:51 AM

If you like photos like the pie and eggs, a cheaper option is to buy an image off of a stock photography Web site. Similar look (real life photography) and you can pick which image you like best.

Food (Art) for Thought: Prints for the Kitchen
5/4/12 09:05 PM

This is really cool. I think it would be perfection if she aged the brass handles too, but it's still gorgeous and clever as is.

Before & After: From IKEA Basic to a Vintage-Look Card Catalog The Painted Hive
5/4/12 08:55 PM

...that is, if it weren't so fragile. I just think the look of it is great for kids.

Pom Pom Furniture! MYK's Bommel
5/4/12 08:36 PM

The first one would be so fun in a kid's room.

Pom Pom Furniture! MYK's Bommel
5/4/12 08:35 PM


I've had to do that. Just tell them the word, but one key to the right. Using my previous example, tell them, "My password is milliondollarsmile, all one word, all lowercase. But type each key to the right. So, instead of M, type the key next to it. Repeat for all of the letters."

Kind of a long explanation, but it works.

3 Steps to Turn a Terrible Password Into a Great One
5/4/12 10:05 AM

@vix vax
Nike is the goddess of strength, speed, and victory. The "swoosh" mark represents that movement/momentum. For sneakers that are supposed to make you faster and better, that logo's not a fail.

McDonald's golden arches are an M for McDonald's, and are golden like their French fries. I don't see how that's a fail either.

Comparing those to AT's logo doesn't work because the squiggle doesn't directly have anything to do with AT itself, unlike the Nike or McDonald's logos. The AT's squiggle logo is kind of weird and doesn't directly relate to its "product" or company purpose, but for a design blog that doesn't matter so much.

The Story of the Squiggle Logo
5/4/12 09:56 AM

"Forcing their servants"? Really? Let's have a little respect for all sides here, even if you don't agree with them. This is not the place to argue (or name call) political parties. It's an article about gardening.

I don't live in the US either (Asia, actually), so I had similar thoughts. At least a link to where we can find the info we need would have been nice.

Gardening Basics: How to Find Your Gardening Zone
5/3/12 09:51 AM