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well I have two gold fish in a 10 gal tank on my fridge in my kitchen. They seem to like it. and it is a small low fridge so everyone can enjoy them as well as the antique marbles and colorful plants in the tank. I even made sure the top of my fridge didnt get warm, so that they would be most comfortable as goldfish enjoy cooler water. I am a little bummed that in feng shui it is taboo to put fish in the kitchen.There is no way I would ever move Niel and Joni; they are really happy.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Fish for Feng Shui
9/10/08 12:41 PM

I have a question about this product too;

a. Do you think that it would work on a mirrored surface (I have closet mirror doors that I depsise)?

&b. Does anyone know of any other links or similar products, I would like to find a pattern that is more muted to fit my decor?
-let me know, Thank you.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Product Review: Tempaper Temporary Wallpaper
8/27/08 10:28 AM