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Omg Italian gelato by far! So good!!!!

What's the Difference Between Ice Cream and Gelato? Word of Mouth
7/14/14 04:29 PM

Move to Europe and you will stop using a flat sheet - they only do fitted sheets and duvets here. Bedding is never sold with two sheets. You can buy either flat or fitted. Duvet covers are sold with pillow cases. The whole lot goes in the wash each week and is replaced with a new set (fitted, duvet cover, pillowcases)

Don't Fall for It: 5 Things You Really DON'T Need At Home
7/12/14 02:15 AM

Cool art piece. This font sucks

The Chameleon Cabin in Gothenburg, Sweden Adventure Journal
5/9/14 05:55 AM

I like this room, very cute. Would love to see a nursery update in a year! So much changes once they are here ;-) it's interesting how things move around.

Ruby's Gorgeously Glam Nursery Nursery Tour
5/8/14 07:06 AM

They mention it is a rental, but it appears they removed a wall in the dining area??

Before & After: A Fresh, Flexible & Fun Family Apartment Professional Project
4/6/14 03:22 PM

Where I am in Switzerland "pumpkin" is a generic term that covers all winter squashes - orange pumpkins, acorn squash, butternut squash, etc. There is a farm in my area that has dozens of varieties. It wasn't until I tried some of these, like the Japanese kabocha, that I actually began to like "pumpkin." Before, all I associated it with was pie. I hate pumpkin pie. The pumpkin spice trend doesn't exist here, thank goodness. Blech.

Pumpkin Spice Is Not Actually What Pumpkin Tastes Like
10/1/13 12:37 PM

I don't see why not. My daughter isn't allowed to eat in her room, and any messy crafts and such are always done in the kitchen - so until she's a tween and using nail polish I don't see how she could really mess it up before then...

\"Adult\" Rugs for Kids' Rooms
9/27/13 02:05 PM

I was friends with a girl in college in Boston, and we kept in touch after I moved to LA and she to NYC. When I was getting ready to move into my own apartment she mentioned she wanted to move to LA and so we decided to move in together. She turned out to be a compulsive liar, very messy, painted her room a deep shade of red and then did a crappy job of fixing it so that we got charged, used my dishes and pots without ever cleaning them and basically was so bizarre that it ruined what had been a 5 year friendship in a few months. Crazy B...

Run, Don't Walk: Worst Roommate Ever Stories
8/30/13 02:21 PM

(Ok I haven't lived in the US for nearly a decade so I've never heard of butter flavoring... What is it made of...??) I just wanted to comment that if you don't have access to, or just don't care to eat corn syrup - I recently came across this corn syrup-free marshmallow recipe:

Party Recipe: Birthday Cake Marshmallows with Sprinkles Recipes from The Kitchn
8/3/13 02:50 PM

We waited until almost 3.5 (all attempts before then met with tears) did naked bottom first, then underwear but with reminders every hour or so, and M&M "potty treats" (1 for pee, 2 for poop). Always used the real toilet with a step stool. Didn't need to add another step from a tiny potty to a big toilet - just start with the real thing. Brought lots of spare undies/clothes and disinfecting wipes when we went out! For travel I ordered some super absorbent underwear, they look like superhero undies but have a waterproof exterior and cotton interior. I was worried about the airplane but my hyper vigilance about going pee (and once again, those M&M's!) paid off.

They learn in their own time, best not to rush it. She sleeps with a Brolly Sheet (4.5 yrs), but we've only had 2-3 night accidents, she almost always gets up at least once in the night.

Readers' Best Potty Training Advice & Tips Reader Intelligence Report
7/30/13 12:31 PM

Wow I feel like a bad parent because I bring about half that stuff ;-)
A first aid kid though is a MUST, with painkiller, various ointments, bandages, and disinfecting wipes. We seem to always get cuts and scrapes when we travel, or blisters, etc. Plus, even if its really a minor bump, some cream and a band-aid seem to quell the tears much quicker...;-)

Packing Light For A Baby Or Toddler
7/22/13 03:02 PM

I would highly recommend staying in an apartment or somewhere with a kitchen. Eating every meal in a restaurant with a young child can be headache inducing. We usually do breakfast in, and switch up lunch and dinner -- some nights in if its been a big day or picnic lunch and dinner out...

Planning the Perfect Vacation: 5 Tips for Traveling with Young Children
7/17/13 12:59 PM

I Swiffer the dog hair off the floor, clean the toilet, and just smile. I don't care if my friends' houses are clean, so I hope they don't care about mine either!

Last Minute Tips & Tricks for Making a Messy House Seem Cleaner! Reader Intelligence Report
7/11/13 03:24 PM

Lanie, in my comment I mentioned that I was able to cloth diaper using shared machines. That means I lived in an apartment. I did not have a diaper sprayer either. It wasn't hard or gross or anything other than an extra load on the days I did laundry (2x week). I don't see why you think this is not possible.

The Dreaded Dirty Diaper Smell...and How To Avoid It
7/2/13 02:02 PM

I was able to cloth diaper using shared laundry machines, it wasn't really a big deal. Flush able or disposable liners help a lot. They keep the cloth relatively poop free so you're really only washing pee out. Which you are going to wash out of clothes anyway. Nobody throws away a onesie that a baby barfed or pooped on, you wash it! Anyway with zippable wet bags, you aren't going to get diaper stink. I think the chemicals in disposables are meant to react to urine and feces so that you get a notice stink and know when to change the diaper. I only needed to add vinegar to my wash in the rare case that I got an ammonia smell in my cloth diapers.

The Dreaded Dirty Diaper Smell...and How To Avoid It
7/1/13 12:38 PM

I still use and appreciate all the items purchased from my wedding registry (9 years ago). It allowed us to have matching plates, matching drinking glasses, things like lovely vases and candlesticks. I kept my friends' financial statuses in mind as I chose - mid-range durable items that could be purchased without trouble and used for years were our top priorities. We only had a small wedding and still remember who have us what and it makes me feel happy to remember them as we use the items. As a wedding guest, I want to know that what I'm gifting the bride and groom will be used and appreciated, so I'm always the one who buys the most practical items on the list.

Creating a Wedding Registry:
Tips for Couples Already Living Together

6/28/13 04:52 PM

It's something I would find interesting in a hotel room, but wouldn't want in my own house.

Bathroom Vacation: Hammock-Shaped Tub
6/28/13 03:05 PM

If you are a vegetarian headed to Paris, research research research! It's not impossible, especially if you like ethnic foods like Lebanese and N. African, but it hard to just walk into a bistro and expect a vegetarian meal.
I love the architecture of Paris, it's one of my absolute favorites, but I haven't yet found my sweet spot of where to stay and what to eat. But as its only 6 hours train ride away, I'm willing to keep trying :-)

5 Things Paris Taught Me About Travel
6/19/13 02:26 PM

I don't have allergies or dietary restrictions outside of eating as organically as possible, when possible. HOWEVER I think that researching dining option is the absolute way to me being most happy when traveling. I often get very cranky when I'm hungry and I hate more than anything wandering around looking at menus and trying to find something that's not some overpriced tourist trap with mediocre to poor food. I want to eat where the locals eat! I want authentic food prepared well! So I always arrive armed with as many restaurant recommendations as is possible. And also I find a grocery store or fresh market as soon as possible to get local produce. I have a young child so apartments are best for us, we bring our own coffee and French press and pick up some breakfasty foods the night before or hubby goes out for pastries if they are available and we have a big breakfast in the apartment to keep us fueled until lunch.

Lessons Learned From Traveling With Dietary Restrictions
6/14/13 03:01 PM

I've only seen one person say they are a visual bookmarker -- I like Pinterest because when I see something I like, a recipe - a makeup technique - an idea for a birthday party, I can Pin it and then scroll back through later when I can't remember what something was called, but I remember what it looked like... I look at a list of text bookmarks and think " what soup was that?" "Why did I bookmark X?" But with a photo attached I say "ahhh! Yes, that soup looked amazing, I forgot about that!" I'm not really interested if people follow me or not, and I don't do much browsing and re-pinning.

What Kind of Pinner Are You? 6 Types of Pinterest Users
6/2/13 06:39 AM