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It's like all the guys in the 90's who left their Clinique products out on display in the bathroom to awe their guests with evidence of disposable income.

#22: Lisa and Dan's Bright and Burnished Digs
5/6/07 09:02 AM

Idiom police here
People, people.
Men are not "topless" My mom once told me I had a cute top on -*shiver* --Men are "Shirtless". And if I can keep it up at the Y, I too might be by summer's end.

#25 Keith's home-Suite-Home
5/4/07 07:27 AM

I MUST, repeat, MUST own your sofa and chairs. They are exactly what I am looking for myself

#16 Philip's Mid-Century Mini
4/27/07 12:46 PM

Sadly I am already married. Well not sadly, but you understand.

I proposed cuz I love the muted tones, the masculine yet stylin' flare and the rugs just scream out to have unnatural acts performed upon them. Of course if they aren't faux then the wedding is off - - - and I won't return the ring! ;-)

#12 - Nathan's Clean Slate
4/26/07 11:39 AM

Nathan needs to marry me.

I could so live in this place....but where to put my three dogs?
Hope Nathan isn't allergic!

#12 - Nathan's Clean Slate
4/25/07 05:16 PM