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Although this is one of the more unique collections, and many artfully composed vignettes, I think the owners should cut back on their dosage of LSD and buckshot before their next project.

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1/24/10 12:20 PM

Chapeau !! It's great when I see someone whose style is completely different than mine, and I truly can love and appreciate it !

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12/5/09 11:26 AM

Thank you for your excellent piece on Mme Perriand, who deserves much more credit. Always
mentioned after Corbu or Prouvé, when it should be the inverse. The only good thing about this, is that,
even living in France, I've been lucky enough to buy pieces by her at flea markets for next to nothing due to the ignorance of many of her designs.
I love her stuff and am happy that you have done the research and produced such an enlightening article.

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10/24/09 12:09 PM

Steve - u got my lamps and my Memphis !! Seriously, as a lampaholic living in France I love what you have collected and how creatively you have put it together. It's such a refreshing change from so many of the 'house tours of Mid-Century Americana' that all look alike....all the great designers...but all the time !!! a uniform checklist
1. Eames chair
2. Corbusier lounge
3. Noguchi table
4. etc. etc.
I loved your pairing of lamps. After I finish this post I'm going out to my lamp room and figure out how many more lamps I can bring in using your style. Right now I'm at 1 lamp per square meter.
I'm American, living near Bordeaux, and go to the
brocantes every weekend @ sunrise. I'd invite you to come with me, but we would fight over our finds.
The mini De Lucchi on the table next to the big one is a great touch.
I'm happy you got so many compliments - they are deserved. Your collections are wonderful !
I always say my collection is Louis cinquante/Louis soixante - as is yours.
Thanks .....andy

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6/6/09 01:00 PM

Four - 4 - Bertoia Diamond chairs at a yard sale for $100 !!

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8/25/08 04:47 AM