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"IMO 80/20 = safe and safe = dull"
I'm with missbrown2you, & others who echoed the idea ("rule shmule"). There is a lot more

Good for people who are strangers to the existence of depth & complexity in design concepts, to artistic impulses, or are just fraidycats with color.

Week 3: The 80/20 Rule
The Color Cure

8/21/11 12:48 AM

There is a Joe Colombo Boby Cart for sale. $95, in Los Altos (peninsula).


(I'm not selling it. Just noticed it & passing it on)

Blu Dot Couchoid Sofa - $900
San Francisco Scavenger

7/25/11 03:33 PM

I have been coming across them lately, & have been tempted to purchase some -- but have not done so, yet.

I've been attracted lately to antique brass, bronze, & cast iron items.

Quick History: Andirons

6/23/11 09:22 PM

I have to add: I don't understand the statement, "Powdery mildews are worst in warm, dry climates..."

Mildews, in general, need moist environments. Hot/dry makes it unliveable for them.

Powdery Mildew: Fight It Before It Gets Your Plants!
The Gardenist

6/22/11 04:46 PM

Here in California, there is much encouragement for gardeners to water their plants at night, to conserve water.

However, that only encouraged the powdery mildew. ):

So I made sure to only water the plants early in the morning, so that the moisture wasn't combining with cool evening air (where I live, in the San Francisco Bay area... inland it's hotter @ night, & not so much a problem).

I never needed to use any chemical (eco/homemade or not) applications.

But once I switched from ornamentals to *native* plants, mildew has not been an issue at all. So easy!

Powdery Mildew: Fight It Before It Gets Your Plants!
The Gardenist

6/22/11 03:11 PM

QUESTIONS about the rugs (incl. the dog cushion): Did you make them? If so, are they hook rugs? Or are they woven? If woven, what type of setup did you use?

Beside the rugs, I esp. enjoyed the generous use of wood in the space (including boxes, presumably for storage), and plants.

Adam & Daniel’s "Boclectic Craftern" Loft
House Tour

6/15/11 02:59 PM

I think the extra baggage costs just depend on the countries, direction, & carrier. We've done partial "moving" that way with each extra piece (luggage or bound-box) costing $45 (Netherlands & U.S.). I think our airline had a generous maximum of 10 extra pieces.

starlinguk's idea is how we almost did it before. Expat websites (expatica, etc.) & their forums can be helpful (or confusing!) for getting recommendations on specific companies.

Similar to that idea (sharing a moving storage container), from the U.S. to Europe, we used a 3rd Party shipping company that put our boxes on a large pallet, wrapped it up in plastic, & it arrived in a week or so. That was post-9/11/01.

Also, you will want to read up on U.S. Customs laws to make sure your follow all rules. There may be extra duties/taxes to consider (you don't want to be surprised by that) -- but I'm not sure about that, coming into the U.S.

Help! How to Get My Paris Flea Market Finds Home?
6/13/11 05:51 PM

Does the paint rub off, onto clothes?

Before & After: The Pretty Painted Sofa Makeover
Fabric Bliss

5/23/11 07:57 PM

Looks danish.

You can't find any name stamped into the wood?

Who Designed My Couch?
Good Questions

5/5/11 12:49 AM

Oh, please, please let this not become a trend!

I am getting sea-creature fabric to make bathroom curtains with, and I so easily tire of trendy things.

Sea Creature Inspired Décor
4/29/11 04:03 PM

I lived in Amsterdam, and we had the full doors that swung inward.

There were no problems with them moving against our wishes. I got used to the occasional fly hanging out. The only consideration we had was to make sure the curtain rods extended enough on each side as to be able to push the curtains out of the way when opening the doors. Easily, I'd trade any day for those kinds of windows/doors.

They were brilliant. Summer was the loveliest thing, having those doors open, with the breeze making the curtains flutter.

Vacationing in Italy (& France?), one of the window-related things I really appreciate was wood shutters (the closeable kind -- not decorative, like in the U.S.), to keep the place cool if needed, or keep the room super dark at night, for a great night's sleep.

French-Style Windows: Pros and Cons
4/25/11 07:31 PM

Freaky black-room chairs!

Emily's "Ole' Kentucky Home"
4/23/11 07:40 AM

Loosen up. Too clean. Too cold. You need to give in more to the dark, boyfriend side.

Johanna's Rare Find
4/23/11 07:37 AM

Why such little support?

AT audience stuck in MCM gear?

This is grand.

Franklin's Apartment is Alive
4/23/11 07:22 AM

Pleasant and lovely.

Paul's Artistically Scavenged Apartment
House Tour

4/23/11 07:13 AM

Simply wonderful.

Franklin's Apartment is Alive
4/21/11 12:48 PM

Inge is correct.

They are sought-after, so they don't come cheap.

Where To Find Tall Wire Shelving Unit?
Good Questions

4/20/11 07:07 PM

I hope you tell us who makes those cabinets with the glass.

I am sure they won't be available in the U.S., but it would be nice to know, should I move to Europe.

Beautiful apartment.

Marianne's Stockholm Studio
4/18/11 10:39 PM

The plethora of plants & select use of wood -- these go so well with the brick & warm it up. And they unify things so that the black couches are a non-issue.

Only 1 month? Sheesh. Nicely done.

Mae & Mike's Renovated Factory Loft
4/14/11 07:22 PM

Not crowded.

I'm charmed by your place.

Zach & Sean's Bright in Boston
4/14/11 07:16 PM