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It's possible to light pretty much my entire house by fairylight. They're perfect party lighting all year round, and they help stave off the twilight gloom when there's no party to be had. If they're not left on with no one home or awake, and if the cords are maintained, then they're not a fire hazard. And if they're LED, they don't use too much electricity.

Apartment Therapy New York | Fairy Lights
10/11/09 11:35 PM

Lots of Australians don't have the room or resources for an at-home laundry or washing machine, Erin. They wash things in bathtubs and at launderettes.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Laundry Habits: What's Normal For Towels and Sheets?
11/2/08 12:09 PM

You've aired my favourite rant! Thanks! People who buy or rent cheaply near an airport and then campaign to change the flight paths; people who move into gay-friendly retail and clubbing districts and then complain about their children seeing men holding hands; people who move next to a popular outdoor venue and then go to court to close it down; people who call the police about low-key parties at 10pm on a Saturday ... these people should all be living on large, isolated properties in the country. Leave the cities for those of us prepared to (considerately) share!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Reader Survey: Right to Make Noise Complaints in a Known Noisy Neighborhood?
10/13/08 01:19 PM

I love upholstered sofas on verandahs. Have the people worried about dirt and insects not heard of vacuum cleaners? White trash furniture outside is white trash. Attractive, well-looked-after indoor furniture outside is incongruous and charming.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Real Furniture In the Garden
9/4/08 02:42 PM

We visited Melbourne last weekend and can enthusiastically recommend the pan-fried gingerbread at Cavallero. Delicious cakey gingerbread! Bitter caramel ice-cream! Vanilla custard! For breakfast! (Most Gertrude Street clothes and design shops are closed on Sundays, just so's you know. Grrr.)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration Melbourne Cafés Melbourne
9/2/08 02:56 PM

It's no longer known as Ayers Rock, though. Its traditional and now widely accepted name is Uluru.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Rockin' Great Holiday Ayers Rock
8/24/08 10:07 PM