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I would totally go for ceramic -- but in a yellow to match that cute fabric! samelaanderson is right, you can find a lot on eBay.

In Search of New Drawer and Cabinet Knobs Kitchen Diary: Emily in Los Angeles
6/14/14 03:45 AM

A lot of good ideas here, which I won't repeat. But one general travel tip that especially applies here: anything you use every week should either be dedicated to travel for the duration, or purchased in duplicate. Your time at home is going to be short, and you're not going to want to spend it trying to remember whether you repacked the paring knife. Pack a box and leave it alone when you get home.

Embrace the pantry, too. You don't need to worry about wasting things that don't go bad -- pasta and grains and nuts and peanut butter and the like.

Finally -- cooking and washing up in a hotel room is kind of a pain, and you're not going to want to do it every day. Embrace as many shortcuts as you can. Supermarket salad bars have fresh ingredients already prepped, and one rotisserie chicken can be used a few ways without getting old. Even if you won't have a freezer, frozen vegetables can sometimes be conveniently prepped and portioned. And so on.

Best Tips for Cooking in a Hotel Room? Good Questions
6/14/14 03:34 AM

Anaglypta and Lincrusta aren't quite the same thing -- Anaglypta is embossed paper, and Lincrusta is molded linoleum. Similar look, but the Lincrusta achieves a much deeper relief, and is much more durable. Anaglypta is cheaper and more flexible.

What Are These Wall Panels Made Of? Good Questions
6/7/14 04:07 PM

The ceramic wood intrigues me -- I live in a converted factory from 1925, and the (painted) concrete ceilings have nearly the same texture from the boards used in the forms. It would be kind of cool to replicate that finish elsewhere with those tiles!

Unexpected Flooring: Tile in the Bedroom
6/4/14 12:48 AM

Go with the cheaper versions of most of the items, and spend some of the savings on a nice vintage credenza. Nice pieces can easily be found for less than the C&B credenza and have a lot more character.

One Design, Two Budgets: Textured, Neutral Living Room
5/16/14 01:17 PM

It doesn't have to be either/or -- don't forget that. You could get rid of some of them, and keep (and redecorate) others.

I would think about cutting down the unit in the bedroom to the height of the drawers, and putting a counter on top of it. In the office, I'd probably keep one or both of the tall units, but replace the desk portion with a simpler counter.

Simply having fewer of these units would reduce the way they visually overwhelm the space.

Are These 1970s MDF Built-Ins Trash or Treasure? Good Questions
5/16/14 01:08 PM

In addition to the dishwasher and the cabinet -- check the microwave! I have a fairly big microwave, but my CB2 square dinner plates are just a *bit* too big to spin on the turntable. Frustrating.

6 Helpful Things To Consider When Shopping For New Dishes Reader Intelligence Report
5/16/14 12:59 PM

While I'm often a huge fan of maps as decor, that one makes the room look like a forlorn classroom. I'd ditch it.

Suggestions for Decorating Windowless Living Room? Good Questions
5/16/14 12:53 PM

If you'd prefer a simpler look, I have to wonder whether it might be possible to remove the front panel from those drawers and replace it with something simpler. Sometimes that's as easy as taking off a few screws.

Advice on Refinishing Ornate 1970s Bureau? Good Questions
5/14/14 03:57 PM

In the Boston area, I was quoted $850 plus fabric to reupholster a ten-year-old C&B Cameron chair whose current fabric is damaged. Seemed high to me, but I dropped the idea before I got any other quotes.

How Much Does it Cost to Reupholster an Armchair? Reader Intelligence Request
5/13/14 12:34 AM

Pretty sure the radio (and maybe phonograph) is in the end table nearest the fireplace.

What Did the Ideal Home Look Like 70 Years Ago? Design News
5/12/14 12:00 AM

erzilie, this is a wonderful perspective, thank you.

The one thing I would add is two tips for finding cheaper spices. First, in your regular supermarket, go to the latin foods aisle -- often there are better deals on spices there. It can be half as much for the same size bottle, or in some stores I've seen small plastic bags of spices for almost no money at all.

The other, sort of counterintuitive solution is to go to a fancy store like Whole Foods or a local co-op or spice shop that sells spices in bulk. The prices may look high per pound, but rarely will a few recipes' worth of anything cost more than $1. Just don't overfill the bag!

How To Eat Well When You're Low on Cash Budget Living
5/10/14 02:37 AM

It'll hurt the resale value of the home once hand-scraped floors go out of style in fifteen minutes.

Before & After: Hardwood Floors Reach a New Plane
3/24/14 10:40 PM

It's not going to help with grease, but a small fan in that conveniently-placed window will do wonders for odors. Slim window fans can be had for fairly small money.

As for the stove -- splatter guards are your friend! $5 and they really do work.

Ideas for Temporary Alternatives to a Range Hood? Good Questions
10/14/13 02:28 PM

I'm lucky enough to have a lot of counter space despite having a modest size apartment, but I leave way too much on it. As of right now I have 11 appliances out -- microwave, toaster oven, KitchenAid, rice cooker, blender, mini-prep, coffee maker and grinder, electric kettle, griddler, and breakfast sandwich maker (don't ask!).

My problem is that I don't have good appliance storage spaces -- so everything ends up hidden at the back of a cupboard if it's put away, and then I don't use it.

How Much Counter Space Are You Willing To Give Up For Your Favorite Appliance? Kitchen Inspiration
10/14/13 01:50 PM

priscilla, they actually use a slightly different drywall-like product called "blueboard" (which actually isn't usually blue). The main difference is the paper coating, which is optimized for a thin coat of plaster.

It requires more skilled labor to install -- plaster skimcoating isn't easy -- but goes up much faster. With drywall you have to compound the seams, let them dry, and sand them, maybe twice -- whereas the skim coat needs no further finishing beyond paint.

I think the economics depend on local markets; drywall is much cheaper in places with lower labor costs and lots of new construction, but in areas like the NE where even drywall labor is costly, the saved days make it more comparable.

Dan's Kitchen: Demolition Part the Third, in which Everything Must Go Renovation Diary
10/10/13 05:43 PM


Hide That Remote! 10 Pretty Storage Boxes
5/21/13 12:04 PM

The plastic knobs can melt, yes -- but if you really want to be frugal, you can just remove the knob when making no-knead bread.

Alternately, just go to your local hardware store and get a metal cabinet knob.

My Uncool Kitchen Tool: A Not-As-Good-As-Le-Creuset Dutch Oven
3/1/13 12:32 PM

It's a pity the iSi Twist and Sparkle had to be pulled from the market; it was advertised as being able to carbonate any liquid.

There's a similar-looking new carbonator called the Soda Sparkle that uses individual cartridges like the iSi one did; I'm curious to see whether it ends up being less prone to clogging than the SodaStream.

The issue with the SodaStream is the release valve getting clogged -- but I'm not sure the individual cartridge machines even need one.

Hacking a SodaStream: Have You Ever Tried To Make Fruit Sodas & Cocktails? Food News
3/1/13 11:43 AM

Probably picking nits, but the proper name of the key on a Mac is "option," not "alt" (even though it has both labels).

Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Facebook Final Frame
1/24/13 03:21 AM