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I LOOOVE my Ikea plants!! they are so great I've had them for about 5 months and are still healthy. I would kill everything before. I believe they usually sell plants that are suited for indoors, so it's easy to take care of them and they don't need as much light as others.

Not only that but my boyfriend likes them so much he always wants to buy more.

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3/20/09 12:24 AM

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and we played it too. Sometimes I sorta cheated by putting all the cute boys' names.

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3/11/09 10:42 PM

I have a galley Kitchen. It's hard to work if you need help in the kitchen. I wish mine looked a little more like any of these. Instead I have mismatched cupboards and counters on either side.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | 10 Galley Kitchens from AT and Beyond
3/11/09 10:09 PM

My fiance is a DJ too. What we did was embrace the equipment and made it part of a space in a little den we have off the Living Room. We are planning on adding furniture so you can hang out and listen to music. THe best part is that whenever we have a party in the apt. the equipment is ready to go!! All our guests love it!!

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3/2/09 10:42 PM

In Madrid I saw a beautiful designer silver cuff and didn't buy it because I thought I'd gone over budget already since my "shopping card's" balance showed to be under $10.00. Got back home and saw the bank statement I still had over $500 left (apparently there was a communication problem with the bank) and they where selling the silver cuff at a local jewelry store for 3 times as much!!

Those "plastic vases" where sold these at a friend's clothing boutique I thought the concept was pretty cool. But once I saw it "in action" it isn't as interesting but kinda tacky (my personal opinion). I don't know maybe if they had different prints I'd feel differently.

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2/23/09 09:37 PM

I have a Mac and am able to stream every day. I don't remember downloading anything and if I did it probably didn't take that long cause I don't even remember...

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2/15/09 12:44 AM

My fiancee and I have been replacing some of our Ikea furniture, with some more "grown-up" pieces. A Black Chesterfield Sofa is our next purchase on the list. The best thing is he is so into the look I didn't even have to convince him. I can't wait!!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Inspiration: Chesterfield Sofa
2/2/09 06:44 PM

I live in an old apartment building in Coral Gables (Miami,FL) I've been told that the architects that built the city used to live here. (Don't know if it's true) There are some initials in an iron gate "A C" but I have no idea what they stand for

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1/30/09 10:01 PM


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1/30/09 09:56 PM

Well I'm grown up now... but not only do I scavenge for gifts around the house; but I've also become an expert re-wrapper so no one knows i've already seen what's inside!!

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12/13/08 04:18 PM

It's so funny how I already had most of them in my inspiration file!!!

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11/18/08 12:06 AM

I love coasters ! not because I need them, but because whenever I go window shopping I always find some cute ones I cant resist to buy, so I have them all over the house!!!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Do You Coaster?
11/15/08 01:27 AM

I just saw these at Neiman's and couldn't believe how cheap they were (for Neiman's standars specially) but wasn't sure if they would look good on my wood table. Now I have to try!!!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Table Dressing: Chilewich Pressed Vinyl Dots
11/7/08 03:06 PM

couldn't you just cover it with contact paper???

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look!: New Use For Empty Toilet Paper Roll
11/3/08 07:01 PM

I just started collecting the corks of wine bottles when I moved into my new apt.I'm Planning on putting them in several clear canisters to display, and when I've collected enough create a cork board.. If you do the same maybe later guest can pin cute notes on it as well!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: How To Display Empty Wine Bottles?
11/3/08 06:56 PM

I had a presentation on this collection about a week ago at Neiman's and I completely fell in love. I love the Modern interpretation of a piece that is still current after so many generations!!!! The great thing is that they are always making them so you can buy them little by little.

Apartment Therapy New York | Blue Mega Dinnerware from Royal Copenhagen Modern Update for a Danish Classic
11/3/08 06:11 PM

This was my favorite ALL the way!!!!! The first time I saw the pictures I was truly inspired!!! Congrats!!

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11/3/08 04:45 PM

Well I must admit, I thought all the decorating process was going to fall completely on me. But just as we were moving the furniture in, my boyfriend starting telling me where he liked everything. I'd consider his opinions and tested all potential locations for small furniture and accessories. The best thing is that since he is color blind I have the LAST word and I can get away on displaying girly colors in some places.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Couples: How do you create a space together? Melbourne
10/31/08 03:40 PM

I love albums!! I really haven't done one in a while. But when I moved away my best friend made one for me with pictures of all of us having a great time.. When I'm missing them I just look at it and remember all the good times. I could also see pictures on-line but for some reason the album makes it so much Personal..

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10/30/08 08:18 PM


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