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bmoresites -- I second urbancricket on the jcpenney rod connectors. I used their rods too and the whole set up looks really good. my side windows are very narrow (17 inches wide) so I bought one pair of panels for the center window and split another pair of panels between the two side windows

Design Inspiration: Making the Most of a Bay Window
3/13/13 12:47 PM

I didn't go to preschool and I started kindergarten when I was four. I had no idea what was going on and I pretty much sat in a corner by myself for the first couple weeks. But that was 1976 and probably not all that unusual and I eventually grew to love school and suffered no ill side effects. And yes...I defintely remember there were people who thought that if you were older and got held back that meant you weren't as smart as the other kids who could do the same work at a younger age.

My son missed the cutoff last year and will be starting kindergarten next week at five and a half. A lot of moms I know have talked about needing to hold their child back because they're "not ready". They seem like normal, happy, bright kids so I'm not sure what they're worried about, but I'm not their mother, so what do I know. I guess my point is that no one I know or have talked to has full out admitted to redshirting in order to give their child an advantage. I guess it's not something you would brag about anyway, but I do think it's strange that the "stigma" on being the oldest has gone away and I'm guessing now there are parents who will talk about how you're doing your child a disservice by not holding them back.

Back to School Considerations: Redshirting
8/24/12 10:52 AM

Reindeer -- I asked my husband and father in law to please make a bulletin board for me out of this. I am 99% sure they picked it up at our local Lowe's. My father in law just calls it "sound deadening board" and he is definitely not someone who is up to date on all the latest building materials. Hope that helps a little...

Customizing Ideas: Painted Homasote Inspiration Board
4/30/12 03:42 PM

if you're in New England, Market Basket is the way to go. so cheap and the produce is great. their olive oil and sea salt ciabatta is my fave. my only complaint is I find their meat tends to spoil quickly -- I've had to bring meat back 3 times because it had gone bad before the sell by date. had no problems with customer service, but I shouldn't have to worry about that kind of stuff.

our local Stop and Shop is great -- sorry some of the previous commenters have had bad experiences. I get my deli stuff and specialty cheeses there.

The Best and Worst Supermarkets Consumer Reports
4/4/12 04:35 PM

what happened to Lucky Home? I thought that was on the way this year too.

Breaking News: Condé Nast is Reviving Domino Magazine … Sort Of
2/8/12 01:01 PM

I let go of Elle Decor and Veranda. I found them to be disappointing. I think I saved maybe a handful of inspiration photos from Elle Decor and nothing from Veranda which was just not my style (or price range) at all. I get a little glimpse of Domino-esque decor in the Lucky Home section of that magazine, but it's not the same.

I do read many of the online mags, but nothing seems to really stick in my memory -- probably because I don't read through it more than once like I do paper mags.

Re-subscribe? De-subscribe? Magazines In The New Year
1/9/12 05:15 PM

Awww...thanks!! I just checked out "Hank's Golden Corral". It's totally adorable!! Love it! And the name cracks me up. Very cute! -- Jen

Charlie's Primary Colors
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #16

11/29/11 09:39 PM

Thanks guys. I'm glad at least two people like it. I want to die a little inside when I see that the majority of voters don't, but oh well...I guess it is basically a darkish white room entered in a color contest. : ) I still love it.

The print is from and the little side table is something I picked up from a second hand furniture store. If you're ever in Portsmouth, NH, stop in at Olde Port Traders on Islington St. They have the best stuff.

Charlie's Primary Colors
Small Kids, Big Color Entry #16

11/22/11 05:20 PM

I have the buggy buddy cup holder thing and I can't live without it. Our stroller was a hand me down and didn't come with a cup holder. It has two drink sleeves, a zippered pouch on the inside and some extra room in the middle for kleenex, cell phone, whatever you need to keep handy, etc. Definitely "an essential" for me.

Essential Stroller Accessories
7/12/11 01:53 PM and

Sources for Fabric Under $30/Yard
6/16/11 10:48 AM

I love how Martyn somehow had TWO assistants named Demetra. "I don't know what she does, but she's needed." Too funny.

Right now, I have to say I'm not dying to see the next episode but would probably watch if there was nothing else on. Too much drama -- not enough design.

Are You Watching Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo?
6/1/11 04:34 PM

I live in New Hampshire. Homes like that are few and far between in my part of the state. Besides, for me (not having a great eye or probably even good taste for that matter) it's easier to use "modern" pieces to update my old fashioned (c. 1880) house. I think I would have a hard time knowing how to soften modern lines with rustic touches/antiques even though I see it everywhere and like how it looks.

America's Modern Alterego on TV
4/11/11 11:39 AM

applebomb -- Count Chocula is my fave too. I often find it at Target (esp around Halloween)

54 Cereals We Loved and Lost

3/11/11 10:52 AM

saint78 -- I'm all over those bemz slipcovers. Our Ikea sofa is 10 years old and it still looks great even in white (with two kids in the house). We had a minor mishap with some dry erase marker that won't wash out and this model has been discontinued so yes...I'd rather spend the money on a new slipcover than throw out a perfectly good sofa that we're very happy with.

10 Ways to Customize Ikea Furniture
2/19/11 11:47 AM

No offense taken, Dutchman. It's a funny joke. Some friends just bought an old colonial in Maine and it has like 3 living rooms. It's a very traditional style house here in New England, but we often wonder how many different rooms one needs to sit in. Anyway, my comment wasn't directed at you in particular -- more of a wondering out loud why some large homes get a pass and others don't.

Lisa's Large-Scale Project
House Call

1/25/11 04:43 PM

there was a tour a few weeks ago in St. Louis where someone was living alone in 3500 square feet home that he owned, not rented. no one had anything negative to say about the size of that place. not sure why this home deserves criticism more than any other large home featured.

Lisa, I love the ceilings. It's a beautiful house. We're fixing up an old home too and sometimes it's hard to find that balance. Good job.

Lisa's Large-Scale Project
House Call

1/25/11 01:02 PM

I used the Martha recipe to paint a 30 inch square for my son to scribble on. Great way to use up that last little bit of paint leftover from something else. I found that my mix got very thick by the time I finished painting -- almost like mud. Maybe use less grout?

How To Make Custom Color Chalkboard Paint
Martha Stewart

1/19/11 10:57 AM

thanks tmoore!

Is Green Parenting Bad For Moms?
11/12/10 03:22 PM

I'm sorry...what does CD stand for? I keep seeing it in the comments.

Is Green Parenting Bad For Moms?
11/12/10 09:49 AM

I love dogs but wouldn't really want one jumping on me at a party. Although it would be cool to not have to think about it, I wouldn't expect my friend/host to put the dog in another room. I can deal with it for a few hours. No biggie.

now to the super miffed dog owners: to some people, your dog is about as welcome to them as their kids are to you. I'm guessing you're not friends with these people and wouldn't have them over to your house anyway so why get all bent out of shape over this post? if your dog is perfect and this advice doesn't apply to you and/or you don't agree with it as a matter of principal that's fine. it's your house and your party so you can do what you want. no need to hate on little kids.

and to those who so openly vilify children: when did this become acceptable? you're under no obligation to like children, but they're people too and I don't understand why it would seem OK to talk about them so disparagingly. it's kind of creepy, actually. I'm sure if I said "I never allow pet owners, homosexuals, any race besides my own, the elderly, the obese, etc. because they _____ (insert gross generalization/ridiculous stereotype here), I'm sure everyone would think I was a complete idiot. not ALL kids are atrocious beasts and not ALL parents are completely oblivious and over indulgent just like not all dogs are terrible to be around. please try to make your argument without bringing my relatively well-behaved kids into it. unless you sprang from the ground a full grown adult, you were a kid once too who, I'm sure, at some point, ruined an adult's evening just by being present. please try to keep this in mind before you start hurling insults at little kids.

Hospitable Pet Etiquette for the Holidays
11/10/10 12:49 PM