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these are great beds!!! We're in Miami and saw some at the Dog Bar in Midtown. Not glitzy but definitely eco-friendly!

West Paw Design: Eco-Friendly Dog Beds
9/10/10 04:34 PM

Typical property targeting unsuspecting foreigners. To someone from Manhattan it seems like a bargain but in reality it's overpriced for the market. There are much better deals to be had. As a previous poster mentioned Palermo is one area - however Palermo is a huge area with many small distinctly different feeling neighborhoods, each with their own character. But bottom line - there are still deals to be had and if the economy continues like it is there will be plenty more deals mirroring those after the last economic crash. Do your research and that doesn't mean scouring the Internet for "deals" because those will be the highest priced. Go there, fall in love with the city and the people, and buy because you feel it's the right thing to do.

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Apartment Therapy New York | Buenos Aires Apartment The New York Times 7.9.08
8/20/08 10:43 AM