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its not actually that dogs are "allergic" to chocolate, its that the theobromine actually builds up in their little bodies. they cannot process it. so it makes sense that almost everybody knows somebody whos dog didnt die from eating chocolate, the story would probably change if those dogs ate dark chocolate every day.

Apartment Therapy DC | Roundup: Eco-friendly Mulches
8/14/09 11:02 PM

Theo Chocolate from Seattle! We won several silver awards (organic milk chocolate, ghost chile caramels) and give tours of our chocolate factory every day! check out theochocolate.com!!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Top Ten Fancy Foods Summer Fancy Food Show 2009
7/8/09 01:30 AM

i have a clawfoot tub, and LOVE it for baths, but it takes 3 shower curtains to wrap around. with the bathroom cure around the corner, anybody have any suggestions on how to better deck out my tub?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Survey: What's In Your Bathroom?
11/5/08 07:35 AM

so if there are 40 of us willing to post about this why isnt there an ATSEA? who's with me!?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Ork Posters' Seattle Design Open for Feedback
9/24/08 08:58 AM

I have the sheets pictured above. Great. They only get softer with wear, but the down side is that the nice detail at the edge gets crinkley when washed... and I'm not exactly one to iron my sheets before I madke the bed.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Thoughts on Bed, Bath Beyond?
8/20/08 09:18 AM