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A loaded DVR is a surefire way to keep me home. Best of both worlds if a friend who was wanting to hang out happens to enjoy something I have recorded.

Canoodling with my husband and our baby boy. Everything else can just wait.

I'm with the cleaning on a Friday night thing, too. I love getting housework done during the week. It means that my weekends are really and truly free of work.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 5 Things That Keep Us At Home Even When Our Friends Beg Us To Come Out
10/24/08 09:04 AM

"...there's nothing more off-putting than a host running around tucking coasters under guests' drinks..."

While I agree that a host shouldn't freak out and chase around over coasters and such, if you consider yourself person containing a decent amount of courtesy, wouldn't you either look for coasters or improvise something to rest your sweaty glass on?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 5 Easy Ways to Add Comfort to a Room! Austin
10/17/08 12:05 PM

i have a leather bench/ottoman at the foot of my bed that has a storage compartment. linens and extra pillows live in there.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Where To: Keep Sheets Besides the Obvious
10/16/08 02:27 PM

Can't wait until I'm not pregnant anymore... I miss runny eggs!!!!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Dinner for One: Sesame-Garlic Soba Noodles with Fried Egg
10/16/08 10:55 AM

Dusting. Dusting is a neverending cylce. I especially detest dusting my window ledges. I do it because otherwise the thought of dirty ledges taps away at my brain annoyingly... but that doesn't mean I enjoy it. Nope.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Quote: Erma Bombeck
10/16/08 10:42 AM

I don't leave dishes until the next morning. Ever. Just not my style. I relax more after dinner when I know the kitchen's clean. When we have company over, I'll hang out with them and then just clean when they leave. Most of the time, our friends will volunteer to help and since great conversations happen in casual relaxed environments, who am I to deny a fun side to the evening?

I'm also firmly in the 'clean as you go' camp. It makes it easier when I prep before I cook... measure, chop, rinse, whathave you. Lining everything up on my counter ensures that I have all my ingredients at the ready and then things just get tossed in the sink and then tossed in the dishwasher. Easy peasy.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | On Leaving the Dirty Dishes Until the Next Morning
10/14/08 12:10 PM

*that's less UNpleasant. oops.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Survey: When Do You Turn Your Heat On?
10/8/08 10:37 AM

I live in the Pacific Northwest and haven't had to turn my heat on just yet. We've had a few chilly nights recently, but nothing throwing on an extra blanket or two can't solve. When temperatures start dipping down, my husband and I usually will turn on the heat for a bit to get comfortable and then shut it off and throw on some sweaters, socks, and a blanket. Makes for a cozy night at home. Saves on heating bills, too. Since heat rises and our bedroom is on the second floor, we don't have to worry about running our heater all night since we get heat that's carried up from earlier activities downstairs.

I will make exceptions in the bathroom. There is very little that's less pleasant than showering in a cold space. We have a small space heater that I use every morning. Love the thing and won't give it up. :)

Apartment Therapy Boston | Survey: When Do You Turn Your Heat On?
10/8/08 10:36 AM

box of kleenex and a candle/matches in a pretty basket

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look! Decorating the Back of the Toilet
10/7/08 02:38 PM

Domino, Real Simple, British Elle Decor

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Which Magazines Do You Save AND Go Back To?
10/3/08 02:58 PM

Sleep and sex.

I'll read in bed too sometimes, but I'll only get a few pages in before I'm conked out. My bed is wonderfully comfortable and my husband and I are conditioned to know that bed = sleep. Wouldn't have it any other way. :)

Apartment Therapy Boston | Survey: What Else Do You Do In Bed?Boston
10/3/08 12:56 PM

We haven't turned our heat on yet. I'm due to give birth in five weeks and am constantly uncomfortable warm... even when it's in the 40s at night! My husband is wonderfully good natured about it all though. Aside from us joking about how my constant rise in temperature is saving us on our heating bill, I make sure that his side of the bed has more than enough blankets -- I'm perfectly fine with just a top sheet these days! Just 5 more weeks and hopefully I'll respond to drops in temperature like a normal person again. :)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | AT On: Transition Months and Heating
10/3/08 12:52 PM

My husband and I have a budget of $200 a month for groceries. This includes trips to the store, pantry stock up opporunities, and meals out. Breaking that down, it's about $50 a week for the two of us (depending on how many weeks are in a given month). I've found this figure to be more than adequate for us. Since we're good about keeping an eye out for sales, we use those opportunities to stock up on our pantry. We also shop sales for produce and buy what's in season. When we have extra money left over, we either use that to eat out or just let it carry over to the next month. Sure, sometimes we spend extra when we're pantry stocking, but it evens out in the end. Besides, isn't that the point of stocking your pantry? In case there's more month than money or to keep you from spending extra when something's no longer on sale?

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Could You Eat on $25 a Week?
10/1/08 10:39 AM

i used to be firmly camped on the 'no' side of this debate... then i moved into a townhouse that features wall-to-wall beige boring-ness. on top of that, our unit has no discernable living and dining room -- they both take up one large space on the ground floor. my husband and i bought a large rug to anchor the living room side of the space and i'm pleased with how it succesfully delineates one side of the room from the other. so yes, rugs on carpet when necessary.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Rugs on Carpet?
10/1/08 09:25 AM

i don't generally eat before bed but that's because i'm not usually hungry at bedtime. if, on occasion, i do find myself hungry, then off to find a snack will i go!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Do You Eat a Snack Before Going to Bed?
9/30/08 09:18 AM

protogarrett: area rugs! i know it seems kind of redundant to put rugs on carpet, but i do it because i can't stand the beige wall-to-wall in my rental and using rugs makes my spaces feel more personalized.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | What Do You Really Need In Each Room?
9/26/08 01:07 PM

i have been a fan of anne since i was a little girl, but i have to say, i'm not crazy about the new cover. thankfully, i still have my old box set from when i was in 5th grade (i'm 23 now!) that i can pass on.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Anne of Green Gables Relaunch
9/26/08 10:20 AM

the lingering smell of a bonfire on my clothes and... pinesol. weird, i know, but the smell always reminds me of entering a clean school building on the first day.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | What Are Your Favorite Smells of Fall?
9/25/08 01:01 PM

My closest Ikea is an hour and a half away so I don't mind spending an afternoon meandering through it. Before I go though, I usually have a 'game plan' -- a list of items I'm interested in seeing and measurements for the spaces I think they'd go well in. Makes the trip easier. Also, I check the packaging dimensions online so that I know which car to bring. One time, I went specifically to pick up a 4x4 Expedit shelf set and the car I had was too small to haul it home! I was so ticked at myself for not getting specs on it before leaving my house!

The observations about the arguing couples and the pregnant women ring so true for the Portland Ikea. Seriously.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Does Ikea Cause Arguments?? Melbourne
9/17/08 03:11 PM

I do something pretty similar to A bomb. Quick pass with a light vacuum over my kitchen, bathroom, and entryway floors and an equally quick pass wih a wet swiffer every night. No need to do a hardcore, break your back scrub and it keeps the place looking (and smelling!) fresh.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Cleaning Tip: Stay On Top of It
9/17/08 10:35 AM