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I use Facetime all the time. I travel a lot and its great for staying connected to my husband and kids. It lets my kids have relationships with their grandparents.

The Fizzled Five: Overhyped Technology
9/11/12 05:54 PM

I've cooked for a few people going through chemo and they were all different, so play it by ear. The commonality was presenting small portions so the diner wouldn't be overwhelmed. Here are some things that went over well with multiple people: I made a beef marrow bone stock (no wine, just marrow bones, beef, onions and carrots) that I froze in ice cube trays so that the stock could be thawed a small portion at a time and drunk like tea or added to other foods for the protein boost. Another client wanted turkey stock with lime juice. I pureed fruits and and dark green leafy veggies and turned them into little ice cubes to be chewed on or sucked on to relieve dry mouth and sore throats. Anything I froze I packaged into small portions, never bigger than a muffin tin.

What Are Some Good Freezer Foods for a Chemo Patient? Good Questions
8/15/12 10:11 PM