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Beautiful photos! I especially like the melting snow with blue sky and clouds, what a great composition.

Congratulations on your engagement! My husband and I also got engaged in the Rockies, although we were in the Estes Park area of Colorado. What a great memory to have.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Reader Escapes: Kerry's Rocky Mountain "Great Escape"
8/31/08 06:33 AM

Actually, this is not in Seattle according to the the originating Website. Besides, Seattle doesn't have water quite that clear and blue.

From seattlemodern.com "Here's a cool house, NOT IN SEATTLE AS SUCH, but check out the pictures as it's currently on the market for sale by an agent I am affiliated with, you'll love the architecture, this house is available for purchase as of July 2008. I'm helping it to get into several national architecture magazines as we speak (they've been contacting me from this website."

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Modern Seattle Home for Sale
8/19/08 02:26 PM