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These are great. Although I would almost prefer them in a more extreme, over the top space. They seem designed for color and clutter, a room with character. Here they are nice, but I can understand how someone would fine them creepy in a room that feels like a cement catacomb.

Apartment Therapy New York | Philippe Starck's Mask Sconces At Mama Shelter
11/11/08 09:08 AM

I honestly don't get people that just post "gross" as a comment. Use your words, for chrissake. Don't like it? I'm glad to see a different opinion! Try letting us know why you don't like it. And not just because "They had this in the 80s and it was a bad idea then." or "My grandma has this couch." RichardinLA's comment, for example, is both descriptive and constructive, and therefore interesting to read.

Interior design doesn't mean one design, it means a variety of designs from a variety of eras used in creative and interesting ways. Just because something doesn't look like it would fit into your Ikea model home doesn't mean it should be dismissed with a monosyllabic grunt.

It has seriously reached the point that it's not worth reading the comments on AT, which is a shame since so many of the posts are about how you, the readers, would use and construct interesting objects and spaces.

Apartment Therapy New York | How To: Turn Ikea's Tullsta Chair Into a Designer Piece
10/14/08 01:08 PM

Calling a DIY copy of an artwork made expressly for your own home "plagiarism" seems a bit silly. Especially for abstract or minimalist artists such as Christopher Wool. If anything it seems like more of a reference. A way of saying "I like Christopher Wool and wish I could have the real thing in my home." The point isn't to create new art, it's to reference a style, which is what most interior design seems to be.

Apartment Therapy New York | DIY Art Inspired By Famous Paintings
10/1/08 02:39 PM

I'm pretty sure it's standard practice to use "we" when posting in a group blog. That way the bloggers seem part of a team rather than individuals fighting for the spotlight. Not saying it's great, just saying it's true. Also grammar policing tends to scare people away from commenting and hurts the community more than it helps.

ANYWAY. Great post Keehnan, this is a really welcome aesthetic and speaks to the style of the city from which you blog. Keep it up!

Apartment Therapy New York | August Inspiration: Jay Spectre
8/19/08 10:18 AM